Your business plan won in 5 minutes


The competition for the second pop-up store in St. Veit and Junge Wirtschaft St. Veit: Yvonne zerza A fashion boutique will open in the spring. The young entrepreneur is overjoyed: “I dare to embark on self-employment with solid partners – the city and the young economy. The location of the store is ideal and the store does not cost any rent at this time. The store is located on an area of ​​100 square meters in District D. Carl Dominguage Street. No.1 at the Hauptplatz gate at Oktoberplatz.

Business ideas to revitalize the city center

The pop-up store contest was part of the new business development guidelines that the municipality is working on to improve the downtown area. The search was underway for business ideas that would help revitalize the city center, create economic momentum and increase the diversity of offerings in St. Veit. Mayor Martin Colmer He explains: “Our pop-up store initiative is a win-win situation: startups benefit from support in the start-up phase and inexpensive commercial spaces, the city center is modernized and revitalized and owners benefit long-term and secure rentals.

“The business plans presented have always been good”

Martin FijiJunge President Wirtschaft St. Veit adds: “We had more applicants to buy the second pop-up store than we had for the pilot three years ago. We have remained faithful to respecting the business plan as a prerequisite for its implementation. We want businesses that settle in the city for a long time, not hire Bedouins. The quality of the business plans offered was always good. Yvonne Zerza’s story was compelling in the end.

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