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With the increase in the digital space occupied by entrepreneurs and creatives, it has also become increasingly difficult to cut through the noise online. Having a business website, once just enough to help a business stand out from the competition, must now become an Internet business home with attractive and impactful web design features designed to capture and hold people’s attention. a more active and demanding online audience. . This takes attractive and impactful web design from a nice-to-have to a must-have for online businesses.

With the New Year, GoDaddy, the company that empowers entrepreneurs around the world, shares some website trends and tools for 2022 to help entrepreneurs and small businesses stand out online.

GoDaddy shares web design trends and tools

Trend 1: Mini-Max principle

While minimalism could be summed up as “less is more,” sticking exclusively to its basic elements, such as clean lines and soft colors, can feel repetitive or even boring.

However, using this principle, along with pops of color to help stand out and draw attention to areas of your website, can be a welcome addition to a website. Experimenting with text, image, and content sizes could also prove beneficial. For example, attention to small details like bigger buttons can greatly improve the user experience and make your business website more navigable and easier to use. Another detail that is sometimes taken for granted is the typography. Larger text in certain sections for emphasis or visual purposes can help make your website more unique and, for some, easier to read.

Trend 2: have a hero visual

Selecting a singular and strong image for your hero section, or the first page of your website that website users will see, can help you stand out faster. A key visual that evokes focus, as well as displaying your brand values ​​and offerings, as opposed to a jumble of images to fill a webpage, will often resonate best with your audience.

Image selection is crucial for using images that showcase and support your brand. Incorporating an appreciation of nature and the outdoors is also emerging as a trending option for images. Influenced by the desire to travel or be outdoors in general, lifestyle shots showing people engaged in activities or evoking a sense of belonging are increasingly popular and loved by audiences.

Trend 3: Take advantage of a little backtracking

Trends come and never really go away. Example: 90s stamina in fashion. The same goes for web design, where we’ll see references that are retro in nature, with websites containing useful information and showcasing a company’s products and services in easy-to-find places on a website. never really go out of fashion. Be creative and on the lookout for things that can date back to when the internet as we know it was just beginning to take shape, when people were trying out a variety of web design ideas and innovations, web content and layout. Try out some web design ideas to see what works best for your business and brand and interacting with your customers.

Consider mixing modern looks with retro features, such as serif fonts and smoother textures for your website, as well as white space, to mix modern and retro looks to engage more with your audience and tell the story. story of your company and your brand.

Choose the right website builder tool

Using a robust website builder tool can help a business reflect current design trends in their design templates. GoDaddy, for example, offers its GoDaddy Website Builder, an easy-to-use web-based tool that gets entrepreneurs and creatives started with a template they can choose from thousands of free options, plus high-quality images available. This tool also comes with a dashboard to manage everything related to the website from one place, on a variety of devices, to keep your business running smoothly.

“At GoDaddy, we offer an integrated suite of online tools to help entrepreneurs through every stage of their online entrepreneurial journey, helping to transform their website into premier digital real estate. When it comes to staying on top of trends, our tools are both easy to use and have options to help your business website have a seamless user experience, whether you opt for a look contemporary, retro, trendy, or whatever best suits your business and audience preferences,” said Tina Shieh, Southeast Asia Marketing Director, GoDaddy.

Find out how to help your small business build a website in 2022 at ph.GoDaddy.com.



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