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Starting a new business during a global pandemic seems like a terrifying prospect. Getting a new business off the ground is hard enough, without also having to deal with the daily challenges that the Covid crises have thrown at businesses.

But CRN spoke with founders of channel companies who have done just that at our upcoming MSP Transform virtual conference which goes live next week.

The panel focuses on chain start-ups and the benefits of starting a new chain business with a blank slate, especially during the pandemic. This discussion includes Scott Nursten, Founder of ITHQ, Hayley Roberts, Founder of Distology, and Ben Boswell, Founder of D | OPS Digital.

The conference brings together more than 25 chain business leaders to discuss the trends shaping the chain as it begins its recovery from Covid.


Nursten founded the MSSP ITHQ months before the pandemic hit Europe, while Boswell launched D | OPS Digital when the UK was plagued by Covid.

Nursten and Boswell tell CRN During a panel discussion at the conference, the focus was on channel start-ups that they were forced to reshape their business plans when the pandemic hit, but say they are thus became stronger companies.

“We were trying to build new relationships with customers and of course everyone was very careful; budgets were tight and people didn’t know what was going to happen. As a result, we withdrew from our sales efforts completely and focused on the interior, ”Nursten said. .

“In terms of the business plan and forecast, we just tore that up and we were lucky to be pretty well funded so we were able to do it without having to focus on sales to stay alive.”

Boswell added that he had to delay the launch of D | OPS Digital for three months after the start of the pandemic. But added that an increase in demand for software during these months worked in his business’s favor.

“We sat down with our management team, the board and the investors to discuss what our A and B plans would be… and the delivery,” he said.

“HashiCorp, for example, recorded over a million downloads of its free software as companies quickly attempted to automate and orchestrate their software delivery capability.

He added: “Once we sat down with the investors and discussed how to conserve cash and start the business as much as possible, we decided to pull the trigger in June and the concentration that gave us on our business plan and our execution helped us be as successful as we were that year There was zero waste in our model.

CRN’s MSP Transform conference goes live on June 23 and includes a busy schedule addressing all the issues the chain faces as it begins to recover from the Covid crisis.

The agenda includes a private equity panel that looks at what is causing an influx of MSP acquisitions this year. CRN is also joined by channel commentators, including Jay McBain of Forrester and Business of Tech podcast host Dave Sobel.

See the full agenda here

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