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Manage your landscaping business with Toro Horizon360

The Toro Horizon360 software platform provides landscaping contractors with an effective and efficient way to track the productivity of your team and equipment. It also automates your invoicing processes and streamlines your business time management. For those of you who are trying to become more efficient in your landscaping business, it could help increase profits while reducing overhead costs.

Toro on Horizon360 software

Horizon360 enables landscape contractors like no other software on the market. We’ve leveraged our 100 years of experience and expertise to develop a software system that will give you more data, better data, and powerful tools to analyze your business efficiency, in an incredibly easy-to-use package. and intuitive.

Dave Francis, Senior Marketing Director at Toro

Stay productive

Owning and operating your business creates a lot of responsibility and stress. You must manage the planning, invoicing and maintaining the customer relationship while keeping track of equipment and teams. Toro Horizon360 software helps you better manage these tasks.

Toro Horizon360

Whether you’re racing solo or managing multiple teams, Toro Horizon360 software gives you several key benefits. First, it provides an easy-to-use planning tool. This tool allows you to assign work, balance schedules, manage rain delays, reassign workers, reschedule tasks and prioritize jobs.

Then, it streamlines the estimation process with a suite of estimation tools. When the estimates turn into actual work, they are automatically entered into the system, all ready to be planned.

Toro Asset Tracker (140-4969)

Toro Horizon360 software also includes tracking devices. The Toro Asset Tracker (140-4969) is powered by the 12 V batteries already present in your mowers. This device is suitable for any equipment with a built-in 12 volt battery. It has an internal rechargeable battery that will recharge when your equipment is running. This internal battery and smart sleep algorithm provide accurate GPS data that won’t drain your gear’s battery when not in use.

Toro Horizon360 Location Tracking

These sync with the Horizon360 app on your phone or computer. Since they install directly into your equipment, they can track your equipment’s performance, location, start and end times, and equipment usage. Putting up a geofence around your client’s property allows you to see when your team is entering and leaving a job. All of this data can be monitored in real time.

Features of Toro Asset Tracker

  • Model: 140-4969
  • Connection: GPS and cellular
  • Waterproof
  • Dimensions: 2.2 x 4.3 x 1.59 in.
  • Weight: 12 ounces
  • Price: $ 100 per year (best information available at time of writing)

The Asset Tracker works not only with Toro equipment, but also with all competitive equipment. You can monitor the usage and performance of your mowers, snowblowers, aerators, etc. The data collected allows you to see which equipment is used the most and which equipment offers the best performance based on fuel consumption. This allows you to monitor and manage downtime, as well as plan for future equipment purchases.

Toro Horizon 360 Application Software

Our thoughts

Toro’s Horizon360 software and app seem like a pretty powerful tool for lawn services of any size. If you’re struggling with managing and scheduling teams, it could revolutionize your workflow. We love the way it allows you and your team to see the daily schedule as well as any on-demand work. You can launch tasks directly from the app, which takes care of anything that appears in the field. Perhaps the most important feature of all you can follow real working time in relation to the planned time.

If that doesn’t suit you, Horizon 360 software adds even more useful features that you might find useful. You can take proof of service photos and even add additional work to an existing invoice so that additional work is tracked and paid for.

Overall, we like how Toro Horizon360 software takes the guesswork out of your business performance. It gives you analyzes with easy to understand graphs and tables. In the end, you get answers to all the big questions: How much should you bid for the job? Are you working effectively with the team you have? Is it time to hire another crew member?

Toro appears to have designed Horizon360 software to help landscapers scale their businesses as they grow. On the surface at least, it looks like a great tool.


Toro thinks information is power. With the information provided by Horizon360 software, you will have the insight to understand how you can improve your business. Toro believes that within 60 days of using the software (30 days with the basic subscription), you will see tangible improvements in your bottom line.

Software package Basic subscription Enhanced subscription Pro subscription
Free trial with no obligation 30 days 60 days 60 days
Customer management Yes Yes Yes
Planning and shipping Yes Yes Yes
Invoice management Yes Yes Yes
Employee management Yes Yes Yes
Equipment management Yes Yes Yes
Crew mobile app Yes Yes Yes
Quickbook integration Yes Yes Yes
Regular No Yes Yes
Estimate No Yes Yes
Analytic No Yes Yes
Timesheet management No No Yes
Price per month $ 99 $ 199 $ 299

Toro offers three levels of Horizon360 software. None of them require connection fees or annual commitments. Toro has also eliminated the additional user license fees and provides support at no additional cost in all three service levels.

To learn more about Horizon360 or to sign up for your free trial, visit the Toro website by clicking here.

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