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These ideas speak of trends in environmental mitigation and monitoring; diagnosis, treatment and access to health care; education technology; cyber security; and the daily needs – food, shelter and exercise – which are basic for many people.

Common to all Round of 25 plans is the notion of solving problems while making money, which is essential to sustaining an idea, product, or business. A few could be organized as not-for-profit corporations now or in the future, but “not-for-profit” is not a goal. It’s hard-earned tax status.

Most finalists aim to grow their businesses, attract investors and customers, and add value to Wisconsin’s economy. These ideas originated in Wisconsin and the entrepreneurs behind them want to stay here. They may also aspire to do business nationally or beyond, which many finalists have already done. In fact, these former finalists collectively raised hundreds of millions of dollars and created thousands of jobs.

It is easy to get caught up, even consumed, by the tragedy of the pandemic. It is encouraging to know that the innovators have ideas to help us move forward.

Tom Still is the president of the Wisconsin Technology Council. Email:

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