Start a post office business with only Rs 5000, all details inside

Post office

Post office franchise

Starting a post office franchise business is a profitable business, especially for those who live in rural areas. Through the Post Office Franchise Program, you will be able to provide over-the-counter postal services with a set schedule in areas where post offices cannot be opened.

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The Post Office has launched the Indian Post Franchise Program to provide improved postal services to people living in rural and urban areas of India.

Under the Postal Franchise Program, anyone can open a post office by depositing a small amount and following the basic process. The post is a successful business model and it brings in a lot of money. The Post mainly offers two types of franchises.

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Types of post office franchise

India Post offers 2 types of franchisees through its franchise program:

  • Counter services through outlets in areas where there is a demand for postal services, but a post office cannot be opened.

  • Sale of postage stamps and stationery through postal agents in urban and rural areas.

Through franchises, you will have to provide post offices in areas of India where there are no post offices. Second, through postal agents, you need to deliver door to door postage stamps and stationery in urban and rural areas.

How much investment is needed

To get a postage franchise, you need to deposit a security amount of Rs. 5000, after which the post office gives you a commission based on your work. You must sign a memorandum of understanding by completing form a.

What surface area required

If you look at the conditions for opening a post office, then at least 200 m² of office space is required. The age of the person who wishes to open a post office must be at least 18 years old. In addition, he or she must be 8 years olde pass and no family member should be in the post office.


By becoming a franchise partner of the postal service, you will begin to earn a commission from the service.

  • For by Speed ​​Post: Rs 5

  • For 100 – 200 Rupees Money order: Rs 3.50

  • For more than Rs 200 Money order: Rs 5

  • For the postage stamp, the postal stationery, the postal order form: 5% commission

Click on its official link to apply for a franchise:

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