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The St. Thomas Business Plan Competition invited another group of competitors to its virtual event this year. New entrants to the 2021 competition are alumni who have graduated within the past five years. Students competed in one of two tracks – undergraduate or graduate / alumnus. Emerging entrepreneurs competed for a total of $ 38,000 in cash prizes, with the top winners taking home $ 10,000 at the final on February 19. The students taking the competition represented 29 adults.

The St. Thomas Business Plan Competition is a wonderful opportunity for students who are serious about starting a business to get the support and guidance they need to flesh out, test and strengthen their ideas with mentors and judges. experienced, as well as to accumulate seed capital. that can enable them to start making their dreams come trueSaid Laura Dunham, Associate Dean of the Schulze School of Entrepreneurship. It was exciting to see the immense talent and creativity of the students and alumni who participated and presented their ideas. They all start very well!

Undergraduate student path Finalists:

  • First place ($ 10,000): Fendesha – Abenezer Ayana ’21 (vscomputer ssciences). A Netflix-like streaming platform for Ethiopian movies and shows.
  • Second place ($ 5,000): VisUplan Rachel Farah ’21 (vscomputer eengineering) and Kevin Malmsten ’21 (vscomputer eengineering). Visual planning app to help children with autism spectrum disorders and structure their lives.
  • Third place ($ 2,500): Atlys – Charles Schwinck ’22 (Financial mmanagement) and Izzy Iliff ’21 (English). An intuitive online marketplace, focused on sustainability and dedicated to the mission of promoting ethical shopping habits.
  • Fourth place ($ 1,000): FreshConnect – Matthew Donley ’22 (Catholic sstudies). Online marketplace where anyone looking to buy or sell local produce or animal products locally can do so easily.
  • Fifth place ($ 500): Fly! David shipp ’23 (eentrepreneurship and mmarketing). Fly is the Uber of Aviation and allows users to connect with independent pilots to transport users to the destination of their choice.

To see the elevator locations For the undergraduate track.

Course for graduate students / alumni Finalists:

  • First place ($ 10,000): Auris IA Papa Ebenezer ’21 (MRS in eelectric eengineering), Angelique Franashouk ’22 (memarketing) and John Wallace ’20 (eelectric eengineering). AI-assisted stethoscopes that capture, analyze and interpret acoustic signals and show results in real time.
  • Second place ($ 5,000): CampusBites – Eric Martin ’19 (eentrepreneurship and rtrue estate) and Jackie Page ’20 (eentrepreneurship and mmarketing). CampusBites offers a trio of software solutions that enable colleges and universities to offer mobile ordering, campus food delivery, and in-person contactless ordering kiosks.
  • Third place ($ 2,500): StatTrick – William Griffith ’16 (Financial mmanagement) and Ben Sjodin ’16 (Financial mmanagement). StatTrick eliminates the hassle of entering sports statistics and scores by offering statistics and data entry as a service to sports teams.
  • Fourth place ($ 1,000): UnU – Kyle Andrews ’16 (entrepreneurship). OneU’s The software platform brings clarity and simplicity to the college degree planning and selection process.
  • Fifth place ($ 500): Charters of the Blushing Tide – Audrey Meyer ’20 J.D. A private yacht charter company serving Boston Harbor and the New England coast that provides learning experiences from a sailor’s perspective.

To see the elevator locations for the recent graduate students / former students track.

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