Residents’ business ideas may soon be boosted by Venture Central | Local company


The organization is not alone in its goal of supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses in Central Virginia, but its role is to complement, not compete with, other agencies in helping those with ideas get started. get to the right places and meet the right people.

“We all recognize that there are many people and organizations already doing exceptional work in the area of ​​innovation and entrepreneurship in this community,” said Chris Engel, director of economic development for Charlottesville. Engel sits on the organization’s board of directors along with his Albemarle County counterpart, Roger Johnson.

“We look forward to partnering with them, stepping up efforts and collectively achieving even greater success at local and national levels,” said Engel.

“Our mission is to serve and strengthen the entrepreneurial community of Central Virginia by creating and creating connections, programs, funding and spaces,” said Sarah Rumbaugh, president and president of Venture Central.

Rumbaugh is also an entrepreneur, having founded Relish, an online employment and recruiting service.

“There are good business opportunities and entrepreneurial support, but there are silos. Our goal is to bring everyone together so that we can orient entrepreneurs, show them how to find programs, acquire funding and spaces, ”she said.

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