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Dallas, TX – (Newsfile Corp. – March 16, 2021) – ProTek Capital Inc., (OTC Pink: PRPM) (“the Company”) today announces the launch of new products and business development by its “owned subsidiary exclusive “Black Dragon Resource Companies Inc, (OTC Pink: BDGR) (” BDGR “) (” BLACK DRAGON “).

Management is delighted to announce and congratulate Black Dragon Resource Company Inc. (BDGR) for the recent unveiling of business direction and “goal setting” marketing and new product launches. “Black Dragon” branded products and services will use and market ProTek Capital Inc’s MJ, CBD and other related products under its own “Black Dragon” brand and label.

As part of the cooperative exchange and participation, Black Dragon will use its own software based on “digital currency” and “blockchain” to improve currency trading and market expansion of customers, shareholders , Suppliers and Business Partners of ProTek Capital Inc. Management is also delighted to report and observe the growth and development of Black Dragon (BDGR) in such a short time since ProTek Capital Inc. acquired the company on February, 2021. This development only increased the overall “market value” of PRPM, seeing the newly acquired company go from market value of less than one million dollars ($ 1,000,000.00) to $ 0.00005 PPS, with today’s highest market value of over $ Sixty Million ($ 60,000,000.00) and highest PPS of $ 0.002. This added value to PRPM’s street “market value” of $ 19.5 million today only improves the overall and combined “gross market value” of the business by over $ 80 million. Americans. This growth, coupled with liquidity and strong offering support, not only improves and adds to overall shareholder value, but also brings the company closer to the benchmark of $ 250 million to qualify to move on to ” great boards’ such as the NASDAQ! While “pending” can have a reasonable forecast of $ 0.02 PPS, which is another benchmark to qualify for the OTCQB, the next level of “fully reporting” trading. And all this development, in its first 60 days.

“We have promised our shareholders to announce ProTek Capital Inc’s business plan and new market direction shortly after the company receives its upgrade to the ‘current status’ of the over-the-counter markets. While we don’t want to complicate our filings with new developments that might result in an even slower “approval” process to upgrade the business, management did not anticipate or predict the newly acquired asset ( wholly-owned subsidiary Black Dragon Resources Companies) (“BDGR”) would achieve this faster and rejuvenate its business, growth and PPS increasing even before parent company PRPM does. However, we do take the growth and increase PPS any day, no matter which company is doing it for us! Said Edward Vakser, President and CEO of ProTek Capital Inc.

Recently, ProTek Capital Inc. announced that the company and its management acquired the publicly traded Black Dragon Resource Companies Inc. (OTC Pink: BDGR) on February, 2021.

Both companies have recognized the single market space into which ProTek Capital Inc. has entered and are delighted to participate and ultimately benefit from this beneficial strategic relationship. This will strengthen the continued increase in PPS and add shareholder values ​​for companies and their subsidiaries.

“At ProTek Capital Inc., we are always striving to achieve higher goals and add value to our PPS and our portfolio. We have assembled an excellent team of managers and service providers who are involved in final steps of our deposits to move the business forward to “OTCPK Current Status.” OTC Markets has just moved BDGR to “current status” on OTCPK and we look forward to when we can finally move to OTCQB / BB Boards. prospects have shown incredible confidence and a “vote of confidence” in our efforts to take businesses to the next level, such as “current status” then the OTCQB, and that is why they are. went ahead and completed all of our deals and transactions. In fact, the chairman of BDGR will remain to help and facilitate both the growth and development of the businesses. ‘company’ and our 2021 season milestone development guide as soon as we move to ‘current status’. When we started in the MJ market space, there were only two states that adopted MJ market segment, and now 16 states have completely legalized the MJ / hemp / CBD trade, 10 states have it as medical and l ‘have decriminalized, and 3 others decriminalized, so this is a huge increase and new developments to improve our position in the MJ markets! “Said Edward Vakser, CEO of ProTek Capital Inc.

The company will remain transparent and will continue to report and disclose its progress and development of the 2021 business plan, filing updates, closings on more acquisitions and financial growth. (For both companies).

As a by-product and as an added bonus for its shareholders, there will be a “very nice” stock dividend that will benefit all shareholders. This corporate action is already being worked on with the state and other regulatory bodies. Management will publish “recording dates” and other details after this publication as soon as possible.

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About ProTek Capital, Inc.

ProTek Capital, Inc. has historically focused on acquiring a portfolio of unique and promising companies with high growth potential. The company focuses on mergers and acquisitions of cannabis, MJ and CBD companies.

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