Javascript for enterprise software products: an excellent choice


Choosing the right programming language is a very important step that can influence the overall success of a product. For beginners, this might not be an easy task, as each programming language has specific peculiarities, advantages and disadvantages. Whether your organization is experienced enough or is a startup, whatever programming language you choose for the products can make it successful. JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages ​​in the world. Naturally, if you want your product to be successful, the best bet is to hire a JavaScript developer. So let’s see its peculiarities.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a multi-paradigm programming language which is generally used as an integrated tool to access various application objects. From a web development perspective, it is impossible to create modern interactive sites without knowledge of this technology. Using this language, it is possible to make the page or its individual elements react to the actions of the user.

Today, JavaScript is the basic programming language for browsers. It is fully compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac OS operating systems, as well as all popular mobile platforms.

The first version appeared in 1995 and since then it has continued to improve until it reached its current form.

The best JavaScript frameworks


Angular is one of the more popular JavaScript frameworks, and given that it is supported by a tech giant like Google, this position is unlikely to change in the near future. Despite this, Angular’s popularity appears to have peaked. This may be due to its complex nature and relative rigidity.


Unsurprisingly, the framework supported by Facebook is also at the top of the list. Developed in 2013, React quickly gained popularity and changed front-end development. It was originally developed by the engineers at Facebook to troubleshoot Facebook issues, so such things are prevalent in React. However, it is an incredibly flexible framework.


Vue has recently entered the scene, but is quickly gaining popularity. Despite the lack of well-known names that consider it a framework, it is one of the fastest growing JavaScript frameworks, and some even predict that it will overtake React in the next few years. The growing popularity can be explained by Vue’s exceptional flexibility and ease of use. Vue itself is tiny (around 80KB), but it has proven to be just as suitable for solving complex application issues as it is for individual pages.


Node burst onto the scene in 2009, when JavaScript was still unpopular for writing server code, and the new framework’s ability to support front-end and back-end coding made it the preferred framework for those who thought that JavaScript is the best choice. Over the past decade, Node has grown from a simple framework to a large part of the JavaScript ecosystem, and it is likely to remain an important framework because its small size makes it ideal for different operations.

What can be created using javascript?

First of all, JavaScript is widely used in front-end development. This language, along with HTML and CSS, is included in the basic front-end toolkit. With the help of JavaScript, it is possible to create applications that run in the browser on the client side. They make the sites interactive. For example, when a user fills out a form and clicks the Subscribe button, an instant response to that action is usually provided by code written in JavaScript. This language is also ideal for full-stack development, providing options for backend and front-end code.

The scope of JavaScript is not limited to browsers and web applications. Using this language, we can solve the following problems:

  • Development of native applications. For example, the React Native framework allows you to build apps for Android and iOS.

  • Server development. Node.js is used for backend development.

  • Development of office applications. JavaScript is used in Microsoft Office and OpenOffice packages, as well as in Adobe applications.

  • Programming of household appliances and equipment, eg payment terminals, decoders.

  • Build IoT systems.

As you can see, the options are plentiful.

JavaScript benefits

JavaScript is a great choice for businesses for the following reasons:

  • It is possible to create programs in any text editor, including Microsoft Word and even Notepad.

  • Wide possibilities for creating a wide variety of sites are provided.

  • It is constantly being improved.

  • The scripts are easily integrated into the HTML code.

  • There are many full-stack Java Script specialists on the market.

The best option if you are looking for quality JavaScript outsourcing is to hire an experienced developer. Finding the company that provides a development service that you need is another good option. Well, good luck!

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