How to Manage and Accelerate Digital Assets on a Business Website Tip 2022


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Check how to manage and accelerate digital assets on a business website

If you’re considering implementing a digital asset management solution, it’s time to create a digital asset management strategy. From setting up workflows, to assigning and managing asset ownership, to creating a taxonomy that drives discovery, user adoption, and measurement of results, there is many things to consider when you start designing your DAM strategy.

To ensure that we weigh all the important considerations and take the right steps to prepare your organization for digital asset management success, we have compiled some tips and information on the key considerations organizations should have when developing their digital asset management strategy. digital assets.

How to Manage and Accelerate Digital Assets on a Business Website

What is a digital asset?

A digital asset is an image, audio file, presentation, video, and other branded content or media that often has usage rights or licensing requirements. These files can be in a variety of formats, including PNG or JPG for images, WAV and BWF for audio files, PSD and TIFF for layout files, PDF and Word documents, and more. Either way, these files grow exponentially over time, so a DAM platform should be able to support a wide range of media file types (although not all of them).

Benefits of a Digital Asset Management System

Digital asset management software ensures that internal and external teams are organized into a single source of information. It allows quick access to relevant files, automated workflows, and permissions management for individual rooms or entire asset collections. The list of brand benefits is long for organizations inside and outside the enterprise, but there are a number of common themes.

  • Quickly find digital assets with little to no training
  • Customize asset organization
  • Keep all asset collaboration on one platform
  • Prevent duplication of digital content
  • Make sure digital assets never sit idle
  • Access and share files with anyone, anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Create and collaborate on digital assets in one place
  • Easily distribute business content across digital channels: CMS, social media, etc.
  • Maintain brand consistency
  • Set expiration dates for licensed assets
  • Identify digital asset reuse opportunities
  • Analyze the performance of assets, where they are used and who uses them

How you can manage and accelerate digital assets on your website

Optimization techniques

By managing your digital assets on your local storage, you can also allow people to access unauthorized files and outdated photos. On-premises enterprise software and infrastructure is expensive and unnecessary to maintain. Managing digital assets in the cloud requires no maintenance from your staff as updates are automatic.

Consider how the new DAM solution will be used in your organization. Different access levels can be configured in a DAM system so that everyone has access to the digital assets that employees need for their daily work.

Workflow design

Deciding who should have the authority to upload documents is an essential part of designing your company’s workflow. If you do this correctly, your attachments will be well organized and regularly updated, making it easier for you to use the system every day.

Task assignment

For the AEC and the real estate industry, a structure by project is suggested. To make it easier for clients to find photos, you can modify projects to meet the unique needs of your business.

For example, a team leader, project manager, or other manager can categorize digital assets by task. This way it is easier to maintain a standard. This can be beneficial for people creating presentations or helping sales and staff with design and planning.

keyword management

DAMs use keywords to help users find and manage their assets. Your DAM administrator or marketing team may be responsible for keyword management, although it may be helpful to get feedback from other organizations using the DAM solution. If the teams agree on the list of keywords and the design, it will be easy for everyone to type in and use them. Differences in uploaded material should be considered when creating keyword lists or structuring content.

When choosing keywords, make sure they are familiar terms within the organization so everyone understands what you are talking about. The use of synonyms in its structure facilitates its use. Tags contain synonyms. So when people search for a term, other photos with similar tags also show up.

Asset categorization

Although your digital assets are organized into projects, not all photos fall into a project-based category. Organize your digital assets by reference rather than by type, such as employee photos or brand logos. SEO allows users to organize their assets in a way that complements the way their organization operates.

sand albums

As an individual user, you can create albums for your own use or to share with others. Use albums to create a collection of information that can be incorporated into your website or intranet.

Someone who manages the website may want to create an album to share with others who work for the same company. If you want to edit a topic that others can’t see, or if you want to share photos from outside the system, it’s best to use albums.

Stay up to date with updates

Maintaining the functionality of your digital asset management system requires regular system updates. The cloud-based DAM should update automatically, even without your participation. This will ensure that you get the most out of your software investment and that you are always up to date with the latest patches for your system.

Last words

Using a digital asset management system can bring significant benefits to an organization. It can improve file management, storage and transfer. It can also provide better cross-channel alignment, as well as digital asset protection and file optimization. Acquiring a digital asset management system requires significant upfront work. However, the effort is worth it, as it can have a significant impact on a company’s investment in its content.

Final Words: How to Manage and Accelerate Digital Assets on a Business Website

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