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At the end of April, the Los Angeles Times published a headline that an entire industry has been waiting for more than a year: “Marriage-related jobs and related activities are coming back.

It was good news that was long overdue. As crowds and gatherings fell victim to global quarantines, loving couples across the country and the world postponed their heyday.

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Now weddings are back – and the small businesses and side gigs that make them possible are back with them.

If you’re looking to make money gambling this summer and fall, or if you’re finally ready to pull the trigger to go all the way and open a small business, the wedding industry is booming. It’s no secret that weddings are expensive – it’s because it’s hard to organize one in style, and the people who do it well get paid handsomely for their services.

The wedding business is picking up steam. Here are 10 ways to cash out.

Last updated: June 14, 2021

Beautiful delicious white wedding cake ceremony at the table.

Beautiful delicious white wedding cake ceremony at the table.

Skilled bakers can bake wedding cakes

According to The Knot, the average wedding cake costs $ 500 – between $ 1.50 and $ 12 per slice – but they can easily run into the thousands. Since cutting the cake is still a key part of the vast majority of weddings, it takes real skill and experience to make a wedding cake that looks and tastes like it lives up to the occasion. .

If you have the experience and the ability, you can start your own cake business for under $ 1,000, according to TRUIC. But the fees you’ll need to factor in include state licenses, insurance, baking supplies, ingredients, specialized mobile transportation and refrigeration equipment, and marketing costs.

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Waiter carrying plates with a dish of meat at a festive event, party or wedding reception.

Waiter carrying plates with a dish of meat at a festive event, party or wedding reception.

Start a restaurant business – or more likely, put on a gig for someone else

Unlike creating and delivering a single cake, catering to a live event that turns out to be the most important day in someone’s life is a huge undertaking that requires a deep understanding of business. , commercial catering and event planning. Breaking into the industry requires significant up-front investments in vehicles, equipment, kitchen space, licensing, insurance, and labor – running a restaurant business is not a secondary activity.

Working weddings for a catering company on a contract basis, however, can absolutely be a lucrative and reliable side gig during wedding season. Since you only work the gigs you want, it’s flexible work. The national average salary is $ 13, according to ZipRecruiter.

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Young sexy woman photographer takes pictures of bride in studio.

Young sexy woman photographer takes pictures of bride in studio.

Wedding Photographers Can Make A Lot Of Money

You can make a good living working weddings if you’re a skilled photographer – the nationwide average salary is nearly $ 105,000, according to ZipRecruiter. But it does require an initial investment in equipment and knowledge. Cameras, lenses, and fancy software work in the thousands, but your one wedding fee can cover those costs – if you’re good at it.

To become good, you’ll need to learn and practice in all kinds of weather and lighting conditions until you master your gear, according to Profoto. If you ever want to get hired, you’ll need to create a portfolio, which you can do by doing gigs for free at the start.

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county fairground barn wedding venue

county fairground barn wedding venue

Artistic types can create personalized gifts and decorations

Weddings need centerpieces, bridal party gifts, arbors, and all kinds of other physical items that add ambiance and art to the day. If you have a flair for arts, crafts, and handicrafts, you can take a nice little tour by offering personalized crafts, gifts, decorations, favors, or anything that helps make weddings beautiful and unique. There is no way to do a general calculation of your fees, costs, or income – these are as personalized as your crafts – but you should plan to build a high quality website or professional online store to showcase your job.

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Wedding planner and banquet manager discussing table setting.

Wedding planner and banquet manager discussing table setting.

You could also influence every aspect as a wedding planner

Hyper-organized and creative problem solvers who are good with people can make a good living working as wedding planners. According to, wedding planners earned an average of around $ 38,000, but the pandemic appears to have changed their fortunes for the better. As of March 2020, wedding planners averaged $ 51,500. However, this is only the base salary. reports that they also average $ 100 in tips per day. Many wedding planners come from backgrounds such as executive assistant work, event planning, and restaurant general managers.

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Groomsmen at wedding banquet

Groomsmen at wedding banquet

Make magic from the DJ booth

No wedding is complete without music, and a DJ is the logical choice for many honeymooners, as live bands cost more, take up more space, require more planning, and are much more limited with their repertoire. Entering the industry previously required expensive turntables and mixing equipment, huge record collections, and real skill. Today it is a much more accessible career or side activity – a single laptop can hold all the songs ever written, and special software makes professional audio mixing accessible to the masses. You can make a lot of money as a full time wedding DJ or as an assistant. The average hourly wage is between $ 40 and $ 50, according to ZipRecruiter.

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ANTALYA, TURKEY - December 8, 2018: DJI Ronin M and Sony A7R III.

ANTALYA, TURKEY – December 8, 2018: DJI Ronin M and Sony A7R III.

Videographers make memories last forever

According to, videographers earn an average of $ 358 per day. It’s not a bad thing, but in terms of costs and revenues, the spectrum is vast. Companies like Inzi Wedding Films, for example, start at $ 3,500 for documentary-style film productions complemented by aerial drone footage. Whatever the size of your services, film and video training is a natural basis for this kind of work. But if you don’t have that kind of experience, you can start by working for videography companies that hire support staff.

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Beautiful wedding bouquet in the hands of the bride.

Beautiful wedding bouquet in the hands of the bride.

Make art with flowers

Flowers have been part of the marriages of different cultures, countries and religions since time immemorial. If you have a creative flair and a passion for flowers, you don’t need to open a studio or storefront to make a living working weddings – unlike florists, many modern floral designers make their magic on their own. House. If you are good you can make a good living doing what you love. According to, the median floral designer earns more than $ 52,000 per year.

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11972, Horizontal, No People, Walmart Best Deals, Wedding Stationery

11972, Horizontal, No People, Walmart Best Deals, Wedding Stationery

Wedding stationery is big business

Once received, wedding invitations hang on fridge magnets for months before the big day – they are, after all, as beautiful as they are useful. You might be the one bringing them to life – and it’s not too big an investment to start your own wedding stationery business. Whether your clients want traditional plunging calligraphy or a clean, modern style, you can make a living from this type of artistic creation. According to ZipRecruiter, the average stationery designer earns $ 25 an hour or more than $ 52,000 a year.

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Bridal shower decorations

Bridal shower decorations

Bridal shower planner

If you’re not ready to dive into the depths of the pool – or if you don’t yet have the experience to work on full weddings – consider working on one of the many supportive events surrounding the event. most weddings. This includes traditional showers. Believe it or not, many people hire coordinators to plan and run showers. According to, event planners who host events like these earn on average nearly $ 52,000.

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