How to choose an enterprise software solution provider


You need software to start a business from scratch or launch a startup, scale up an existing project, or increase sales in a crisis. CORN:

Choosing a developer is a serious matter. You don’t just entrust him with the management of your project, you entrust him with your business. How do you overcome the complexities of choice and determine if a particular web studio is right for you?

There are several key criteria. Their evaluation will help you find an experienced company that is capable of not just building a website. But an effective resource that will bring results and make your investment profitable.

How to choose a developer

First, decide why you need a site, who it focuses on, what goals and objectives you plan to solve with the help of this resource. How will the project evolve and how will its effectiveness be assessed? Do you need future software support or not.

If you have ambitious goals, a highly competitive environment, then you shouldn’t skimp on creating your virtual representation on the Internet. The development of quality requires high qualifications. If you just want to assert your presence on a cheap site made by a freelancer, this is for you.

Range of services for website development

These two criteria are interdependent: the more a developer is present in the IT market, the longer the list of services he can offer. It is more cost effective to order complex business solutions online. From creation to promotion and regular development. A company that can deliver a full cycle of project development, as well as its subsequent promotion and scale-up, deserves more trust.

When analyzing potential developers for your project, pay attention to their experience. Beginners are not always able to cope with the task at hand, they are simply learning about your project. There have been instances where customers have asked to “edit the site”. Since the previous developer declared itself “bankrupt”, closed and only transferred work in progress partially completed.

Is studio experience important in your niche market?

A big plus for a potential web developer will be the presence in his portfolio of books on your subject. But, modern UI / UX design techniques are quite universal and based on a consistent approach to study a niche, analyze behavioral scenarios, they can create user interface and functionality for any niche.

Where is the workshop located?

If you want to evaluate the company office and individual team members by their appearance before starting work, make sure the certificates and awards are original, have a cup of coffee or cocoa with some tea … But remember, the more the office, the more expensive its rent, and the cost will be passed on to the cost of the services provided by this company for the implementation of your project.

If you accept the challenges and conditions of the modern digital society, which opens up new opportunities and forms of work, all the risks of remote collaboration can be minimized at the stage of choosing an entrepreneur by looking at his portfolio, his reputation. and the opinions of previous customers. .

Company portfolio, case and reputation

When choosing a development company, look at the portfolio. Do you like the designer’s style, is the interface practical, do the resource pages load quickly, does the mobile version work? Study the image of the web studio on the market, its activity and its work results. Read reviews not only on the developer’s website, but also on third-party resources.

What will it give? An idea of ​​the level of professionalism and preparation of the team, its ability to cope with tasks similar to yours. If everything is okay with you, proceed to negotiations and discussion of the details, drafting the technical specifications of the project. But first, find out about the company’s pricing policy, what constitutes the cost of its services.

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