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The world is becoming a chaotic place. With the post-pandemic situation, people are still suffering. This leads to the closure of many businesses. Along with other lifestyle changes, financial conditions have been greatly affected.

As people were unable to keep up with the big investment, losses piled up. This, in turn, has resulted in the closure of many businesses, small and even a few larger ones.

Some have managed to do well. But anyway, with the uncertainty, everyone is afraid. The containment has also led to the opening of small home-based businesses.

Now, since everyone wants to invest small, here are some small business ideas. These can be satisfied with a small capital and loans. You can easily find Commercial loan agencies in Delhi and elsewhere.

Business start-up

As times are chaotic, everyone is looking for a distraction. For people who have lost their jobs, stress has taken its toll. With fewer job opportunities, business is the second best option. But with any business comes a huge responsibility.

Liability is part of any job, but here risk is a bigger factor. As you have invested your own hard earned money or taken out a loan, it is not that easy.

The market is constantly changing. With new businesses coming up every day, the competition is intense. In such a phase, starting from scratch becomes difficult. Then establishing a name in the market is even more difficult.

There is a risk of earning a lot to repay the loan. Also, if there is to be any income that you can potentially earn from the business, you should maintain that profit margin.

There have been many patterns for the same. There are easy ways to get a small business loan and start your business right now.

One can take a business loan from different banks. The eligibility criteria generally contain few factors. Your business must be operational for two years with a minimum annual income of 2 lakhs.

The CIBIL score must be at least 700. This is a score that tells you about your credit history, with a score and a report. This helps to build the confidence of the lender. The age criteria are also between 21 and 65 years old. There might also be another requirement, government programs available for a small business loan.

This includes MUDRA loans, Schematic of Udyogini, Subsidy from the National Small Industries Company, etc.

Small business ideas

The first step in starting a business is planning. Once you’ve written down what you want to invest in, the research begins. This step helps to understand the market. For a business to be successful, it is important to study the market.

Knowing the range of demand, market cost, and approximate profit percentage will help you well. Knowing your capabilities, the approximate time it takes to establish yourself, and an understanding of your competition, you’ll do well.

Knowing these points perfectly, start building. Start with the investment, the location, and the other amenities you need. Labor is yet another important point here.

If you are looking for a business loan, there are many agencies available. The internet has everything you need these days.

From all the information to the contact facilities, you will get everything. Just do some good research online and find the right one for you. But beware of fraudulent schemes and loan agencies.

Contact with people who have benefited from the help of these agencies. Different agencies may give you different interest rates. It would help if you were looking for a lower interest rate, but the most important aspect is security. There is a lot of business credit agencies in Delhi for which you can also apply online.

Some of them include:

  • Zip Loan
  • Capital of Finway
  • CreditNation
  • Loan kart
  • CreditMantri

Apply for a business loan

There is a range of these sites available. To find the right one for you depending on the city in which you need it. Now back to some cool low investment, high profit ideas, here are a few:

  1. Online bakery- With the pandemic and the lockdown, this has been a common sight. There have been so many bakers who have started these home bakeries. And who doesn’t know the power of the Internet these days? You can take a small place to cook delicious food and sell it.
  1. Arts and crafts- It’s another great idea with people putting all their creativity on the line while in lockdown. If your products are unique, you can do wonders.
  1. Web development- You can easily put your skills on the line and work as a freelance developer or creator.
  1. Framing- It is a good idea to set up a small room for various workshops. This can include a bakery, language classes, grooming classes, and the like.
  1. Blogger- With the growing power of the internet, this is a full time business idea. From working online, you can work as a freelance agency for a profitable business.
  1. Daycare owner- Like most parents in big cities are working. It’s a profitable business idea.
  1. Coach- You can have an online consulting business or open a small local. Training professionals can range from sports, bodybuilding, etc.
  2. Packing Services- Most people use moving agencies these days. In big cities, such a small business can do wonders for you.
  1. Exhibition owner – Nowadays, the exhibitions have become very famous. With a small investment, you can earn big profits by organizing them as a profession.
  1. Home Decorating Guide Most people want a beautiful, personalized home. A small investment can help you become their guide and help in the process.


So here are some great ideas for small businesses. Whether you opt for professional credit or not, the risk is always there. But happiness and freedom are also unmatched. You have the freedom to make your own decision, to work well and to establish your footprint in the market.

Following your passion is the happiest choice. And when your passion helps you lead a successful life, nothing better. So start the search today and find yourself a suitable business. If you are looking for a business loan agency in Delhi, contact us here.

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