Fiverr inspires brand campaign to launch business ideas


Fiverr, a digital service provider, has launched a new brand campaign, ‘Something from Nothing’, to address the idea that there are millions of people, from entrepreneurs to business decision makers, around the world, sitting on “amazing” business ideas, but only a few will turn those ideas into reality, according to a press release.

In a recent study conducted by Fiverr with YouGov, which asked American adults about starting a business, 25% revealed that they had had a business idea in the past 18 months; however, of the nearly 60% who never pursued their business idea, 58% said it was due to lack of resources.

“Something from Nothing” addresses this problem, showing that freelancers on Fiverr can help launch business ventures and brings home the concept that anyone can “do anything” and, with the help of Fiverr, “do anything. To bring this idea to life.

“2021 marked a major shift in the way employees view work – people put autonomy and flexibility above all else, some even quit their jobs to take time off and pursue their passions. For many, that means pursuing a career. concept or take a risk in their current job by leading a new project or pushing new ideas, ”Gali Arnon, CMO at Fiverr, said in the statement.

“This new campaign is hyper-focused on businesses, products or services that haven’t been created yet but are just an idea. Thousands of amazing businesses have sprung up with expert support freelancers on Fiverr, and we look forward to seeing thousands more grow into world-class companies. “

Fiverr’s “Something from Nothing” campaign was developed in conjunction with Ostrich Studios, represented by The Network, and includes work from Fiverr freelancers, such as motion graphics, game development, logo designs, and designs. merchandise.

“We are really turning things around with this new campaign. While our latest campaigns showcased real businesses, they focus on how Fiverr freelancers can help any business grow, innovate and succeed. All you need to do is do something. Duncan Bird, vice president of brand and digital marketing at Fiverr, said in the statement. “We wanted to show more of the breadth and skills freelancers on the platform can offer to take new ideas and bring them to life. As with all of our campaigns, we’re excited to share something bold and showcase Fiverr’s incredible talent. to offer.”

Fiverr’s “Something from Nothing” brand campaign features a variety of brand hero ads and acquisitions that will air on digital channels and on television. Since 2010, the Fiverr platform has offered digital services in more than 500 categories, across nine verticals, including graphic design, digital marketing, programming, video and animation.

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