Five profitable business ideas in this political season


The political season is upon us as Nigerians with political parties striving to land the best political seats across the country.

Politicians, on the other hand, consult each other to gain the support of notable figures and supporters in the political arena.

The race to clinch the desired seats in the 2023 general election has begun and has seen politicians declare their intention to contest for one seat or the other.

Meanwhile, the context of this discussion is not about the ambitions of politicians, but about how business owners or business-minded Nigerians can take advantage of the season to make money.

It is believed that the political season boasts the economy of the country as politicians and political parties spend on their campaigns.

We thought it fit to share some business ideas you can venture into this season.

1. Photography: Political occasions will not be complete without having pictorial evidence to show, with detailed moments of such events.

2. Custom materials: Politicians are known to personalize the content of giveaways which is used to campaign and reach people around them.

There are cases where some put their photo and the logos of their political parties on rice bags, T-shirts, caps and several other gifts. It is an avenue for business owners in this field to make some fresh cash.

3. Event planning: Everyone needs an event to be well planned to attract a large audience and in the case of an election, the more audience you have, the better your chances of winning.

4. Composition of jingles: Politicians may need a song composition for their campaign, or a structured speech that expresses their plan for their electorate.

If you’re into this, you might want to add to your skills to make money during political season.

5. Flyers, posters and banners: This is one of the best ways for politicians to get known to their electorate and as a graphic designer and printer you can take this opportunity to earn more income.


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