FCA reveals goals to create hundreds of jobs with new business plan


The UK’s financial authority has announced a new plan that will see it grow and create hundreds of jobs as it invests £ 120million in its data strategy.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) unveiled its new business plan with the aim of becoming “more innovative, adaptive and assertive”.

The plan calls for the opening of a new office in Leeds, housing “at least” 100 employees, as well as announcing its intention to double its staff in Edinburgh from 100 to 200.

It aims to invest £ 120million in its data strategy over the next three years, as well as investing in its workforce.

Nikhil Rathi, Managing Director, said: “The FCA must continue to become a proactive and forward-looking regulator. One who is tough, assertive, confident, decisive, agile.

“He who acts, acts quickly and where we cannot act, engages enthusiastically with those who can. Continue to be more innovative, assertive and adaptive.

“Over the next 18 months, you will continue to see an FCA that looks and feels even more different. The one who works differently, associates differently and communicates differently.

“A solution that ensures market integrity and for the consumers we serve. One that is not only useful, but that is fit for purpose.

“There is a lot of work to be done. And I am convinced that we have the right strategy, the right people and the right ambition to do it. “

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