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“Before COVID, they used to travel to Australia to do their own quality and manufacturing audit of what we do. Odoo allows us to demonstrate very clearly our quality controls. This is one of our main selling points.

“We are not yet using the full suite of applications. But one of the other reasons I love Odoo is that I know they’re there when we need them. We will be able to connect to the human resources and web support modules when we need them, which will support our growth. “

Odoo’s solution aims to digitally streamline business processes.Credit: Supplied.

While Odoo is an exceptional business management tool for highly technical companies like Baraja, it is also the ideal solution for any business that would benefit from the digitalization of operations.

Asia Pacific Director Matts Fievez explains that the first step is to assess the processes behind the business from the bottom up. “Start by assessing what is limiting or slowing down the business. Decision makers need to have a serious conversation with business leaders to see what obstacles they face in their daily tasks.

Fievez says common challenges Odoo can solve include substandard reporting systems, as well as communication and collaboration between and between teams. Additionally, given the breadth of its functionality, the Odoo implementation reduces the need for businesses to rely on multiple software.

“Too many companies adapt a dozen different software to manage their processes. They may have a customer relationship management tool and a separate project management tool.

    Odoo's Matts Fievez says digital transformation rewards greater efficiency.

Odoo’s Matts Fievez says digital transformation rewards greater efficiency. Credit: Supplied.

“If it’s a manufacturing company, it might have software to track BOMs, work centers, and assembly lines, and a separate system to track inventory and SKUs. Then he might have another tool to manage direct mail marketing and some other accounting software.

“Companies created in this way are held back because there is little or no communication between the different software systems. All of this adds up to huge inefficiencies.

On the other hand, Odoo includes all these modules, which communicate easily with each other, allowing the company to operate much more efficiently, save time and reduce frustrations within teams.

Fievez’s advice to companies considering embarking on a digital transformation project is to understand that the process can be complex and take time, so having the right mindset is important.

“Senior management needs to be on board and make sure the employees are involved. This is the best way to implement new ways of working. It’s about being open-minded and ready to adapt to change. You will then be amazed at the results you get.

Learn more about Odoo and start a free trial today: https://www.odoo.com/r/WZW

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