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Unless you’ve been sitting in the dark, you’ve no doubt heard that climate change is happening a little faster than you expected. In 2020 alone, wildfires, melting icebergs and even fires in the ocean have captured the world’s attention with a desperate call for change. If you run your own business, you are also responsible. You’re going to have to look at eco-friendly business ideas that can bring about change for the better.

The reckless approach to resources was short-lived. It is the one who touched all the assets of the planet: the environment and of course, the people. This change has resulted in a business trend that all businesses need to pay attention to.

From fashion to travel and hospitality, people help reduce the number of resources they use. More than ever, companies are recycling, removing plastics, and truly focusing on the sustainability of their business.

This refreshing and essential green trend has swept the world. What was once a bold move is now all the rage and more and more companies are proudly announcing their efforts every day.


The statistics are pretty damning, with 90% of consumers wanting to go for sustainable businesses over them being silent.

So let’s go…

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What exactly is an ecological company?

An environmentally friendly business is a business that does not harm the environment. Eco-friendly companies have a green approach to everything. From manufacturing methods to performing services with the least possible carbon footprint, which releases toxic gases into the atmosphere as much as possible.

The idea is to do as little harm as possible when running your business. It can start out simple and then get quite complicated. The process requires analyzing every sector of your industry and even your workplace, identifying what has the greatest impact on the environment, and finding new ways of doing things.

A note on consistency

Sustainability is at the heart of environmentally friendly business ideas. While going green can be a trend sweeping the world. It’s here to stay! Your approach must therefore be consistent.

Becoming environmentally friendly means creating working methods that benefit both the company and the world in the long run. It is a response to the exploitation of resources that you are witnessing in all sectors of activity that are not sustainable.

The way you approach your sustainability strategy can impact every aspect of your business, here are some popular changes to inspire you …

Staying green: business ideas that respect the environment to make the change for the better

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Packaging and SWAG

If the idea of ​​moving to full sustainability seems a bit of a headache, start with small movements. The packaging and the SWAG are great places to start.

Packaging was one of the first targets of the green campaign, plastic bags having been withdrawn from supermarkets in 2011. However, plastic is found everywhere, especially in the packaging of products. One can get the impression that there is no escape.

Your packaging and SWAG are the faces of your business. In many ways, they act as a representation of your brand.

Choose to invest in ecological gifts and switching to biodegradable packaging are affordable tweaks that will speak to your consumers in a language they want to hear. It’s the one that shows you care.

This first move will have a positive cascading effect on your business. Sustainability does not start and end with management. By using SWAG green products in your office, as many companies do, your team will notice your first eco-friendly gesture. Soon they will want to take the initiative and make changes too.

Become ethical

Green, fair trade, sustainable sourcing, recycled materials are all expressions that return to ethics.

To become environmentally friendly, your product should only bring good things to the environment. This affects every step of the way in the creation of your products and everyone involved. Fortunately, you can find durability in luxury brands around the world!

Becoming ethical is not something you can do overnight. It’s a long process that involves knowing everything about making your product or service. To break it down, it’s best to come up with a clear strategy with a defined outcome.

To reduce the risk of gray areas, require accreditation from your partners and obtain green accreditations or certifications you yourself will make this transition smoother. Accreditations are a model of ethical practice with guidelines to guide you through the process with no exceptions.

Staying green: business ideas that respect the environment to make the change for the better

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Green Commitment

Companies are doing everything with their ecological changes with a commitment to go green. A trend evident across all industries, green engagement is as serious as it sounds.

Becoming environmentally responsible in all aspects of your business will initially cost you time and money with the promise of reducing those costs over time. With such a high percentage of consumers wanting sustainable businesses, it’s a worthwhile investment with many long-term payoffs.

Committing to being a green business often involves working with a third party to sustainable businesses to tap into every element of your work environment.

Avoiding unnecessary business travel, having zero waste, commuting to work by bicycle, using renewable energy in the office and ensuring that all partners are equally sustainable, are essential elements in making this commitment.

Going green isn’t exactly new, however, as more companies make these changes, the pressure to follow suit is growing. Patagonia, Orsted, Panasonic and CICSO are some of the global names with a strong reputation for sustainability. Committing to being environmentally friendly is a movement of a global community that could open up new opportunities for your business.

There has never been a better time to think about embracing eco-friendly business ideas. With these ideas, you can start small and progress to bigger and better things that will affect all aspects of your work ethic. Sustainability is no longer a bold move but a growing trend that will not fade anytime soon.

From service and product ethics to your SWAG and accreditations, each change is as important as the next.

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