Best business plan software of 2021


The best business plan software can make a simple and easy financing plan and provide a clear roadmap that lenders can work with.

Business plan software can be essential if you are looking to raise funds to start a business or expand an existing one. This will help you more easily set up a business plan to share with your bank or investors.

The whole point of a business plan is that it allows you to critically assess your strengths and weaknesses, especially through your Unique Selling Point (USP) and to make product or service comparisons with competitors.

Of course, even the best business plan relies on estimations and estimations, as it is impossible to predict future changes, developments and market performance under such conditions.

Ultimately, however, a business plan will demonstrably prove why your business is a solid enough investment to risk investing money in, and show that you have properly and carefully researched your market and details the real potential. of a new business opportunity.

So here are the best business plan software providers currently available.

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1. Business plan

The tool that thousands of people have used to take off

Reasons to buy

+Support available with video lessons+Models to facilitate the realization

Reasons to avoid

No free level

Bizplan is the online business planning tool that claims the use of 30,000 startup founders from the platform. They use a guided creator who can break down the big project into components that are tracked with a progress tracker, and expert guidance every step of the way, including templates that can be dropped and completed, as well as simple integration of visuals along the way.

Additional resources are also provided through the Bizplan Academy, with lessons on relevant topics, for example, “Building a Brand: How to Tell a Powerful Brand Story” and “Critical Path Your Way to Higher Revenues”, among the many offerings. . Those who need even more assistance can also take advantage of an expert consultation from a financial expert.


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2. PlanGuru

Powerful business planning software at a cost

Reasons to buy

+Flexible budgeting+Supports import of historical results

Reasons to avoid

No free trial

PlanGuru is a complete and powerful software package in the field of business planning. Education is provided via a series of case studies at their PlanGuru University and a variety of video tutorials.

The feature set includes flexible budgeting that can handle a simple small business or a larger multi-department operating budget, and financial forecasting that uses multiple methods, including smart, turnkey methods – twenty methods at a time. total. Historical results can also be imported with the General Ledger Import utility which can then be applied to produce a rolling forecast. They also offer PlanGuru Launch, an expertise delivery service billed by the hour of assistance.

A significant downside is that Planguru charges a higher cost than other software options. While there is no free trial, PlanGuru does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.


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3. Register

A simple offer to write a business plan for free

Reasons to buy

+Free tier offer+Automated text writing

Reasons to avoid

No integrated teachingThe free level is devoid of features

Enloop is a great choice for business planning software for cash-strapped businesses because it’s the rare offering that has a free tier. Take it to the next level, and it is not a simple product, as it contains more than 100 currency symbols, can automatically generate ready-made financial reports and even automated text writing that can synchronize with financial data to turn them into text. A real-time performance score is also assigned, which changes dynamically as the business plan is strengthened.

Plans start with the free tier, which is limited to a single business plan with plain text, no images, and offers no advanced functionality. The next plan is the Detailed Plan, which supports three business plans and offers a hefty 55% discount when paid annually, making it even better value.


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4. Live plan

Business planning veteran’s software

Reasons to buy

+attractive interface+Includes hundreds of sample plans+Simplified one-tier pricing

Reasons to avoid

No free trial or level

LivePlan is business planning software that offers a straightforward pricing scheme as there is only one plan to choose from. As they have 15 years of experience, they offer a clean and simple interface, which can create business plans that appear to have been done by an expert consultant, and the software includes a live dashboard that can track performance. day by day. Those with Writer’s Block will benefit from the over 500 sample plans included that can be used for inspiration.

Rather than complicating things with too many tiers to choose from, LivePlan only has one plan that can be paid monthly or annually.


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5. Business sorter

Your business plan is in the cards

Reasons to buy

+14 day free trial+Unique card sorting system to simplify planning

Reasons to avoid

No video teaching resourcesNo free level

Business Sorter promises to simplify and speed up business planning and claims to be able to build a plan in an hour or two, via a new 273 card sorting system that covers many common situations.

The ability to reformulate the cards is included, or also add cards to the already large deck, so don’t worry if there isn’t a predefined card for your situation. Unlike some sites that offer videos, the teaching resources here are provided as PDF and Word files, which may be faster to access, but more difficult for some learners to follow.

The lowest level plan, Basic, is comprehensive and includes up to three team leaders.

Other business plan software to consider

How to write a business plan

A business plan is essentially your roadmap to profitability from an initial investment. Whether it’s your own money or a loan from a bank, it’s always a good idea to put together a business plan for yourself.

The main things to consider are a SWOT analysis to give an idea of ​​the strengths and weaknesses of your business idea, as well as to identify a Unique Selling Point (USP) that will give your business an edge.

While business plans inevitably require the use of numbers, and while it’s impossible to be precise with them, at least by making smart guesses, you can set goals for yourself to work towards.

This is another common feature of a plan, so there are specific time frames for you to review your business progress and make adjustments to your plan as needed. This allows you to use real numbers for your projections, allowing you to better plan ahead.

We’ve only covered some of the more popular business plan software platforms out there, but there are a number of other notable things worth mentioning, as well as a wide variety of template providers. business plan. Below, we’ll briefly cover a range of some of the additional options that are worth considering in order to properly craft your business plan.

Go Business Plans is more of a consulting firm than a software solution, but worth mentioning for the simple fact that it is one of the largest business plan companies in the United States. While software can do the job for you, if you’re looking for significant funding, it’s probably worth getting professional advice, including strategic planning, feasibility studies, and financial projections to make sure you get it right. ‘have a solid foundation for your business plan.

Wise Business Plans provides a very wide range of templates to work from to build a business plan. These are especially designed with finance in mind, no matter what type of business you are running. What’s particularly useful is that Wise doesn’t just deal with business plan templates for a wide range of business types, the company also provides plan templates for franchises and non-profit organizations. .

Plan Writers is another bespoke service that basically listens to what you want and then makes the plan for you. Again, this is not technically the “software” of the business plan, but it is likely that you are using a software package as a platform to build from, and plan writers can then help you build. from this base.

Business Plan Pro is truly a business plan software platform and one of the bestselling for the past decade. What works particularly well here is that there are a large number of plans and templates to get started, with additional financial planning support and advisory services if needed. The company also provides customers with access to a number of books and survey data sets, which provides additional value to the product.

Bplans is another provider of business plan templates, but goes above and beyond with additional pitch analysis and SWOT analysis templates. There are also business plan guides, industry reports, and a free course on writing a business plan. Bplans also publishes many free articles on business planning, finance, and tax reporting, to help ensure your numbers and projections are accurate and compliant.

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