According to Avivi, Bitrix24 appears in the top business software – what are users supposed to be aware of?


Competition among enterprise software vendors will be even fiercer in 2022 due to strong market demands. Bitrix24 appears frequently among product names; it is a set of cross-functional tools for businesses that combine CRM and ERP capabilities. It is ideal for remote working arrangements and has a reasonably below average price compared to other alternatives. According to Forbes, it’s a shame not to know about Bitrix24.

This specific software is no secret in quickly conquering the market: it is a well thought-out strategy centered on an end user. While most products in this area, such as Salesforce, Zoho and others, offer users step-by-step development of your company’s IT system — ranging from simple to complex topics — everything works exactly the opposite with Bitrix24. The complete set of all possible standard features is immediately available in Bitrix24, however, depending on the selected tariff plan, some tools will only be operational in their partial capacity. In the event of a successful development of a small business, the necessary resources will be fully and immediately activated within the scope of the tariff upgrade.

At Avivi, we have been working on the implementation of Bitrix24 since 2014. Starting with Canada and the United States, we have gradually entered the markets of 46 countries, where Bitrix24 is required. Another success factor regarding this software is a possibility of total renovation of any functionality. The complete set of possibilities of Bitrix24 according to the “as is” principle is made available to users by means of a cloud service. For many years, virtually all of the best sales management methodologies, project collaboration techniques, and business performance analysis have been implemented and improved here. But even if that’s not enough, or if a company needs capabilities not provided by the standard functionality, Bitrix24 offers an on-premises edition with open code. This means that any tool with an interface can be modified and updated unlimitedly.

Third factor — Partners. Currently, Bitrix24 states that more than 10 million companies use their services. Not a single technical support team will be able to cope with such volumes, but with Bitrix24 it is not even necessary. Your business is supported by a Bitrix24 certified partner company, which is always available for operational technical assistance and advice. Let’s take our example: Avivi is the Golden Partner of Bitrix24 and has the exclusive skills of product implementation and development of custom functionality of any complexity. We are all the more proud to have the right to work with Business customers, proof of our partnership competence.

Thus, we advise you to keep an eye on Bitrix24 if you haven’t done so yet: based on forecasts for the current year, the product will become even more attractive for companies in terms of capabilities and quality ratio /price.

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