8 green business ideas you can implement today


If you are aware of the pressure climate change problems of the modern world and have an entrepreneurial spirit, you can start an environmentally friendly business that will promote sustainability and generate profit.

Chances are your potential consumers are already interested in corporate social responsibility, and you will enjoy great support if you show that you care about the environment through your business. Knowing what a green business is and how to start selling your products is a great first step.

Definition of an environmentally friendly company

Respect for the environment in the corporate world means that companies carry out activities that are not harmful to the environment. These companies focus on using environmentally friendly materials, follow sustainable manufacturing processes, and continuously strive to reduce the carbon footprint of the company and the rest of society.

Environmentally friendly activities include conserving water, energy and natural materials while reducing carbon emissions and limiting and recycling waste. They also include the promotion of safe working conditions, decent wages and inclusion in the workplace.

Make a green business plan

One of the first steps in starting an eco-friendly business is to create a green business plan. While a standard business plan demonstrates the financial viability of the proposed idea, a green business plan must also involve the environmental and social impacts of the proposal.

There are checklists of questions you need to answer in your business plan that include, but are not limited to:

  • Can you use locally sourced materials?
  • Can we employ disadvantaged workers?
  • Will your business reduce its greenhouse gas emissions?
  • How are you going to minimize waste?

There is a lot of business plan guides to help you define your business goal and execute your business plan. The concept is crucial, however, and can determine whether or not you will be successful. Here are some areas to consider.

1. Sustainable building materials

When it comes to selling sustainable building materials, you will have the option of choosing and selling specific items or opening an all-in-one store. With this business, you will focus on providing alternative building materials to people who want to live sustainably.

Once you have planned your costs, found your suppliers and set up a warehouse, you can proceed to promote your brand to your target audience. Don’t forget to set up a logistics office where you will manage orders and receptions.

2. Organic caterer

People love to eat, and if you can come up with an eco-friendly food solution, many will likely rush to order from you. To get started, think about what kind of food and service you want to provide. Then write down your goals and get involved in the industry to find out which areas can be improved.

Get certifications and licenses to work with food, and if you’re not savvy in the kitchen, consider hiring a chef to help you out. Then contact the food suppliers and proceed to promote your business as usual.

3. Environmentally friendly beauty salon

If you want to offer something new in the beauty industry, you can always create an eco-friendly beauty salon. This industry has a big carbon footprint, and if you can deliver something that’s good for the environment, you can get customers.

Running an eco-friendly beauty salon means following the general principles of eco-friendly living. Switch from plastic to glass containers, use recycling bins and go paperless. Use biodegradable sheets and choose eco-friendly brands.

4. Second hand store

Fast fashion is a known problem to those who support a sustainable lifestyle. It uses too much water in production and raises ethical concerns. This means that opening a second-hand store with quality clothing can be a lucrative business.

The best part about this green idea is that you can choose to open an online business. By purchasing exceptional clothes and taking great photos, you can create a brand using digital marketing. Plus, you can use your home as a warehouse to save money until your business takes off.

5. Eco-advice service

If you have experience in environmentally friendly practices, you may want to consider starting an environmental consulting company. The aim is to help other companies make environmentally responsible decisions, update their policies and better manage projects that have an impact on the environment.

Besides experience, you will need to earn a bachelor’s degree in biology, geology, chemistry, or environmental science. After graduation, focus on gaining experience in your niche, then you can open your consulting agency.

6. Green housekeeping services

As many people realize their environmental impact, many are looking for environmentally friendly ways to clean their homes. If you decide to start a green housekeeping business, you’ll be protecting families from germs while keeping harsh chemicals out of the environment.

Focus on the transparency of the products you use to clean homes and be prepared to educate your customers on how to keep their homes clean. For example, you can use basic green cleaning products, like vinegar or baking soda, or get other environmentally friendly alternatives.

7. Composting company

A composting company collects recyclable waste from the community, much like a waste disposal service does. There are two ways you can organize your business: either people drop off their trash or you go pick it up.

Either way, you need to know the science of composting cycles. The ecological context is desirable but not necessary. Remember to comply with all local regulations and obtain the necessary permits to set up operations.

8. Environmental blog

Starting an environmental blog is a good business idea if you think you can be a great writer. There are a number of ways you can monetize it and work on it as a side gig until it picks up again. Then use your platform to post climate change news and similar articles.

You can also show your support and feature local green businesses, and they’ll likely do something in return. Make connections and establish yourself as an industry expert. Eventually, you could get paid to write or talk about the topic.


Interest in green business models is growing around the world. As a result, many entrepreneurs are looking for ideas to create environmentally friendly businesses or to adapt their current activities to changing standards. By sourcing materials both locally and globally, it is possible to promote a sustainable business anywhere.

If you have an environmental science background, consider starting a consulting agency or composting business. You can also run a flea market or create an organic catering business. The options are limitless, with an entrepreneurial spirit and a developed green conscience, you can find the business that is good for you and the environment.

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