7 Business Ideas for Computer Science Students and Computer Newbies


This is a great option for a business idea for beginners with no investment if you are trade related and have sales skills. Its essence is to sell products and services of other entrepreneurs on partnership terms.

As a rule, compensation in this case is paid as a percentage of sales. Some affiliate programs offer fixed payments for these services, which are not tied to sales volume.

You may need to invest personal funds in the business to promote the products or services you want to sell at the start of the business.

Partner search methods:

  • Personal contacts with different businessmen and companies who aim to offer their services, discuss a percentage of affiliation or another form of remuneration for the sales made.


If you can write books, you don’t need to sign a contract with a publisher. You can try to create your e-book and organize its sale online. Of all the online business ideas listed without investment, this is one of the best because it only takes time to write a book.

If you manage to write a compelling novel and engage your audience, you will be noticed and have a writing perspective ahead of you.

You don’t need to have a special talent for writing to create your e-book. For example, you can write a collection of narrowly focused topics that are close to you.

So, if you like photography and you are good at it, you can make a practical guide for beginners! Books containing descriptions of a variety of different best practices are very popular. There aren’t many business ideas like this out there, so chances are you can fill this niche and succeed in your chosen direction.

sell pictures

One way to make money online is to sell your photos. They may be in demand for the design:

  • Online portals.
  • Advertisement.
  • Publications of books, etc.

The sale of photos takes place on special resources, called photobanks. The most popular of them are:

  • Upload photos.
  • iStockPhoto.
  • Big Stock and others.
  • shutter stock

Your website, blog

Do you have something to show the world? Create your blog, which will fill with interesting articles, original content. With the right approach will soon be able to generate income from his offspring.

In this case, we are talking about a content resource, so it should not be confused with such a direction as an online store, which deals exclusively with sales. You can write about different educational topics like how transcribe audio to text, for example. On your website, you can provide visitors with a variety of information, which should be:

  • Valuable
  • Unique
  • Interesting
  • Useful

Youtube channel

“YouTube has long ceased to be seen as an entertainment service. Today it is a great platform for businesses. It can be used to organize paid webinars or masterclasses.

When the number of channel visitors exceeds 1000 people, you can set up passive income. There are several options for making money, one of them being advertising money. One of the main conditions for these revenues is the presence of more than four thousand hours of viewing during the year.

The most promoted video bloggers display direct advertising in the form of short inserts during the video. Newcomers to this field can earn on “affiliate links”. This option involves demonstrating a product during the video, with the affiliate links at the bottom, below its description. If viewers click on these links and make purchases, the channel owner gets rewarded.

According to statistics, the income of Russian video bloggers is several times lower than that of their American and European colleagues. On average, for 1000 views in Russia you can get only $1, sometimes earnings vary from 25 cents to $4. Factors such as topic relevance, presenter popularity, target audience and advertiser influence income level.


This is a kind of data interpretation for readers, but not for businesses. Data journalists know so much about IT processes that they can talk about them quite easily. They study the world of software and hardware, find interesting and useful information and present it in a simple and entertaining format. Data analysis requires technical tools, such as the Python language, not like coding, but which is a specific set of algorithms that must be executed.

Other skills needed for a data journalist include humanities skills such as the ability to express themselves in writing, bring numbers to life, and create infographics. Most IT companies hire data journalists to explain new technologies and developments through them.

Project Manager

Bringing an idea to start a business from scratch in IT projects is a profitable and important task. It is not the developers who wrote the program who are responsible for the final result, but the one who led the project, that is to say the project manager.

This profession requires basic leadership skills such as the ability to build a team, plan tasks and goals, plan deadlines, and determine the budget. In addition, it is important to create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for performers, preparing them for productive work.

Understanding the specifics of IT plays a special role in the development in this field. A manager must know what skills are required to perform various tasks. The handlers do not go directly to the program code itself. The main task of a project manager is to plan the strategy correctly and, within its framework, ensure the coordination of each member of the team.

Implementing an idea to start a business can be the first step to successful development. Consistency in your decisions, patience and careful work are important parts of the process to achieve your goals.

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