50 small business ideas for people who love working with children


Do you like teaching or playing with children? Then you might be interested in a career working with children. And there’s a ton of potential business opportunities if that’s the case.

Companies if you like working with children

Do your interests match those of the children? And are you interested in entrepreneurship? Then check out these 50 business ideas for you to consider.

Private tutoring service

You can have skills as teachers. So offer your services to students on an individual basis. You can offer general tutoring. Or specialize in a specific subject or grade level.

Private Preschool

You can also work with several young children at the same time. All you have to do is open a small daycare center or a small daycare center.

Test preparation tutoring service

Or start a more specialized tutoring business. Offer test preparation services for those preparing to take their SAT, LSAT or GRE. And you can also specialize in other specific tests.

Sales of lesson plans

If you want to offer products or services to teachers, or if you are a teacher looking for an interesting side activity, offer pre-made lesson plans for sale online.

Filing service

You can also offer assistance to teachers who need an extra helping hand with their grading tasks on occasion.

Online course sales

If you want to start a distance learning business, offer courses on a particular topic that students can download or take from home.

Webinar service

Or you can teach a particular topic in webinars that you can either charge for or use to sell other products and services.

Music class

For music lovers, offer group or private lessons for those who want to learn a specific instrument or hone their vocal skills.

Dance classes

Likewise, you can create a dance academy for groups or offer private lessons.

Personal training service

If you are a fitness enthusiast, you can work one-on-one with clients as a personal trainer in a gym or similar facility.

Fitness classes

There are also opportunities to teach fitness classes, such as yoga, barre, spinning or kickboxing.

Martial arts classes

Or you can choose to be more specific and open a martial arts center where you offer classes in a particular discipline.

Arts and crafts classes

Arts and crafts like painting, knitting, or basketry also lend themselves well to a business that sells private lessons.

Private Sports Coaching Service

For those who are skilled in a particular sport, you can offer one-on-one coaching services to children looking to improve their skills.

Team sports coaching course

You can also start your own team or group activity and earn money through sponsors or events.

First aid training service

If you are trained and certified in first aid, you can offer training services for individuals and workplaces.

Early childhood education specialist

For those who have experience teaching young children, you can work with families or groups of children to provide specialized education services.

Sale of educational material

Or you can provide materials for students and / or teachers to supplement their formal education.

Driving school

You can also work with your state to set up a driving school where you can teach the rules of the road to those looking to get their licenses.

Technical institute

If you want to offer specialized education to students, open a technical institute where you teach a particular trade.

IT education

Technology is such an important part of so many industries. Offer computer training courses or work one-on-one with students who want to learn specific computer skills.

Education blog

To share information on various educational topics, start a blog and earn money through sponsored content or affiliate links.

Education podcast

Or you can go for a similar business model in an audio format by starting a podcast.

Education YouTube Channel

YouTube also offers users a unique opportunity to generate ad revenue while sharing educational content.

Educational Membership Website

You can also set up a website where you feature educational resources and charge a monthly or annual membership fee for access.

Adult education center

For those who wish to offer lifelong learning or continuing education programs, open a local adult education center where you offer a variety of specialist courses.

Home care for children with special needs

If you are trained to work with children who have special needs, you can offer home care where you offer a combination of education and counseling.

Private library

There are many public libraries that offer a variety of books. But you can also open a private version with a specific type of book that is hard to find otherwise.

Textbook sales

You can also consider offering books for sale. Specifically, you can make a big profit by focusing on textbooks.

EBook sales

If you’re interested in writing books, you can publish them yourself and offer them for sale on platforms like Amazon.

Reading Club

To encourage reading among a group of people, start a book club and charge a membership fee to monetize it.

Education publication

You can also consider starting a magazine or newsletter that focuses on educational topics or targets teachers.


A museum can be an interesting recreational and cultural experience. Start one that focuses on an interesting topic of discussion in your community.

Summer camp

For a business that mixes education and recreation, start a summer camp that offers a mix of learning and fun.

Outdoor recreation rental

To help others enjoy their favorite outdoor activities, rent out the equipment they need. You can donate things like kayaks, surfboards, fishing gear, or mountain bikes.

Tourist guide service

If you live in a popular tourist area, you can set up a tour guide service or a stand that offers useful information to visitors.


For those who love animals and outdoor activities, you can open a stable with riding lessons.

Petting zoo

A petting zoo can also provide fun and educational experiences for children and people of all ages.

Educational farm

You can start a functioning agricultural farm which also offers training opportunities or field trip experiences for schools.

Field visit service

You can even start a business that helps teachers or school groups organize school trips in your area.

Homeschool Equipment Sales

Help parents teach their children at home by selling a variety of educational materials like worksheets, tests and plans.

Teacher training institute

Help teachers teach by offering training programs for people in a particular industry. These should be aimed at giving teachers additional skills or teaching those who want to start online classes or something outside of traditional classrooms.

Language courses

There are plenty of opportunities for those who know multiple languages ​​and also want to help others learn.

Employee training service

You can also offer workplace training programs where you partner with companies or help employees in a specific industry.

Leadership training course

Or you can focus on teaching leadership skills to business owners or those looking to break into leadership roles.

Career guidance service

Help job seekers find their ideal career by providing them with personalized counseling services.

Resume service

Or you can help them by creating or modifying their resumes and job search materials.

Editing service

You can also provide editing and / or proofreading services for authors, students or professionals.

Scholarship advisory service

To help potential students pay for their education, offer your services as a scholarship consultant where you connect them to relevant competitions and opportunities.

Online research service

There are also many opportunities to provide research assistance to corporate clients or academics.

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