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These days, having an online presence for your business seems almost mandatory. But that doesn’t mean that every business has to focus entirely on the Internet. In fact, there are still plenty of offline business opportunities for entrepreneurs who aren’t very tech-savvy. Here are 50 offline business ideas.

Offline business ideas

Cleaning service

You can start a house or office cleaning service where you visit your customers and use local advertising or word of mouth to grow your business.

child care

Child care is another popular home business idea. You can run the business from your home or travel to your customers’ homes.

Elderly care at home

There is also a strong demand for home care for the elderly. You can provide services to customers in your area daily or on a semi-regular basis.

Coffee trolley

With a coffee cart business, you can take your cart to areas where customers are likely to congregate, meaning you don’t even necessarily need a website or other online presence. .

food truck

While it can be beneficial to market food trucks on social media platforms, you can build this type of business completely offline and use local events to attract customers.

Souvenir shop

It’s also possible to set up a local gift shop without any type of e-commerce store, as long as you’re in a great location that customers are likely to visit.


For those interested in food businesses, you can start a catering business to provide services to events, individuals, and businesses.


You can also start your own business as a baker, either with your own bakery storefront or supplying baked goods to other businesses and bakeries in your area.


If you are looking for an outdoor business idea, you can start your own gardening business and provide services to customers in your community.

Landscaping service

Similarly, you can offer lawn mowing or other landscaping services without a website or extensive online presence.

Pet cleaning service

There is also a market of pet owners looking for companies to help them clean up their yard.

Home staging

For design-oriented entrepreneurs, you can start a home staging business where you help local homeowners furnish their homes to attract potential buyers.

home painting

You can also focus on home, interior or exterior painting or both.


If you are good at fixing things around the house, you can also start your own business where you provide general handyman services to homeowners.


Printing houses help customers print anything from signs to t-shirts. And you can even provide a place where customers can do their own print and copy jobs, all from an offline location.

Direct Mail Marketing

If you want to help businesses with offline marketing, you can start a direct mail business that focuses on sending printed materials the old-fashioned way.

party entertainer

For those with a musical streak or other skills like juggling or balloon sculpting, you can offer your services to local customers looking for party entertainment.

Bed and breakfast

If you have a large enough space, you can create your own guest room where you will welcome visitors.

personal customer

You can also start your own personal shopping business where you accompany customers to stores and help them choose the best items.

event planner

Or you can focus on event planning where you work with clients in person and deal with vendors primarily over the phone.

Shopping service

It is also possible to set up a general shopping service. You can do things like run errands or do laundry.

food delivery

Or you can offer food delivery services to people in your area who want to order from restaurants that don’t offer delivery.


A flower shop is another great offline business opportunity. You can open your own store and deal with customers mostly in person.

farmer’s market vendor

If you sell flowers, plants, food, or similar items, you can also get your own stall at local farmers’ markets and sell your wares that way.

jewelry maker

If you make jewelry or similar items, you can sell them in person at craft fairs or even wholesale at local boutiques.

clothing designer

For those who make clothes, you can also focus primarily on wholesale your items to local stores instead of building your own e-commerce site.


It is also possible to set up a business as a tutor. You can focus on a specific topic and focus on individual in-person sessions.

Dog walker

If you want to start a business where you can spend time with cute animals all day, you can offer dog walking services to people in your neighborhood.

Pet grooming

Or you can offer pet grooming services, either in your own dedicated location or as part of a mobile business.

Mobile retail store

Another mobile business opportunity, you can set up a retail store in a trailer or similar facility and sell goods at fairs or other events.

car wash

You can also start your own car wash or detailing business without having any sort of online presence.

Bicycle repairs

For those who are skilled in bike repair, you can build a business around that skill in your garage or at a local storefront.

Cell phone repairs

There is also a lot of demand for cell phone repairs. So you can create a storefront where people can bring their devices with cracked screens or other issues.


If you have enough land and the skills to grow crops or other types of food, you can offer your food products to retailers, restaurants or other businesses.

corn maze

There are also other options for those with land to work. For example, you can create a corn maze and add-on attractions and welcome customers to your establishment.

Christmas tree farm

You can also grow pine trees on your land and welcome visitors to come pick their own trees during the holiday season.

Touristic guide

If you live in an area popular with tourists, you can start a tour guide business where you will show visitors around.

You can also start your own security service, providing protection for businesses or individuals on a contractual basis.

For art entrepreneurs, you can create your own artwork to sell in galleries or at special events.

You can also work with clients in person as a masseuse or massage therapist.

You can also start your own antique store where you sell items at a storefront, antique mall, or at local events.

Although e-books have grown in popularity in recent years, you can still build a business by writing and publishing real books as well.

Writers can also build a business around freelance speechwriting.

If you are an experienced dancer, you can offer dance lessons at home or at a dance studio.

Similarly, you can offer music lessons for people who want to learn a musical instrument or improve their vocal skills.

It’s also possible to start a business where you help people find careers by working with them individually.

If you have a moving truck and supplies, you can offer moving services to local consumers.

You can also help individuals and businesses prepare their taxes by meeting with them in person.

Fundraisers are also in high demand in some areas. You can help businesses and organizations raise funds through events and other campaigns on a freelance basis.

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