5 Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Business Website


When running an online business it is important that you generate high quality traffic to your website. It should consist of an audience that might already be interested in your services or have a problem that you know you can solve. This will make them much more likely to convert.

In this article, I will give you five ways to increase traffic to your business website in order to make more sales.

Identify and target the best keywords

It is important that you focus on targeting the right keywords with your website copy, as this will ensure that your website ranks for the right search engine queries and that you reach the most suitable people.

To identify the most relevant keywords for each of your web pages, you should use a keyword research tool like Ubersuggest Where ReplyLePublic to find out what words and phrases your ideal customers are typing into search engines.

Choosing the right keywords for each of your web pages is extremely important in improving your SEO, which can be one of the cheapest ways to advertise your business. Just make sure you don’t stuff your copy and content with keywords – only use your target words and phrases where they will always be read naturally. Otherwise, you could be penalized by search engines like Google, which is the opposite of what you want. Focus on creating high quality copy with a dash of words that people type into their favorite search engines and you will be rewarded with lots of organic traffic.

Make sure your social media activity is consistent

If you are active on social media, you will make your business much more visible online and attract more of your ideal customers.

The rules are slightly different for each social media platform, but the general guidelines remain more or less the same. Here are some tips on how you can consistently engage with your audience and improve your social media marketing:

  • You need to post relevant and interesting content that will grab the attention of your target customers.
  • Run contests or ask for suggestions on the types of content your followers want to see, so they feel like you’re engaging with them.
  • Create a social media calendar to make sure you post content frequently.
  • Use features like Instagram Reels, Facebook Stories, or Twitter Fleets to engage with your audience on a regular basis.
  • Create communities like Facebook groups to further strengthen customer relationships.

You might not have the time to create and publish a handful of social media posts every day, but you can save time by scheduling them en masse in advance. There are many tools that can help you – for example, SocialPilot has a Overview of the best Twitter tools this will help you keep your profile up to date on that particular platform.

Just make sure that you always make an effort to attract people to your website using your social media accounts, whether that’s promoting your latest product line, sharing useful blog content, or providing a discount code that your subscribers can use.

Boost your EAT with high quality content

Search engines only want to direct their users to high-quality, trustworthy content. Google even uses a specific ranking factor called EAT, which stands for expertise, authority, and reliability. This means that if you can create content that shows that your business and your website have all of these characteristics, you can improve your search engine rankings and drive more traffic to your website.

Plus, using content marketing to show that you’re an expert in your field will naturally attract more people to your website. Indeed, it should be informative or help solve a problem that your ideal customers are currently having.

Here, we’ll take a look at some companies that do a great job creating high-quality content that positions them as authorities in their fields. These articles will do a fantastic job of driving the right traffic to their sites.

The first is the Thiessen law firm, which has a Guide to Sentencing for Drunken Manslaughter in Texas. This company provides attorney services for family, criminal, personal injury and DWI matters. And, as an authority in this space, they were able to write a high quality, in-depth article on this topic that is very relevant to their niche. This goes to show very clearly that they are very familiar with this area of ​​law, which is sure to please both search engines and people who may need their services.

They define manslaughter while intoxicated, detail the penalties and punishments associated with such cases, and provide information on how these types of charges tend to be beaten. This is a great example of content that shows how knowledgeable this company is and can help drive more traffic to their website when people research this area of ​​law.

Another interesting example comes from the best nursing programs. Their website provides detailed information on best nursing programs that aspiring candidates can register to become professional nurses.

They post a lot of content that shows that they are experts and authorities in this field. Take their tour of the best community college nursing programs, for example. The company gives a lot of information about each nursing school, the requirements, their institution’s average pass rate, and tuition fees per credit hour. By providing such accurate and detailed information, they offer tremendous value that will attract new readers and potential students to their site. They also show that they are a very knowledgeable source of information which can do wonders for their SEO and, again, get more good people to their site.

Finally, let’s also take a look at a piece of relevant content from Rankings.io, an SEO marketing agency for personal injury law firms. They have a full range SEO guide for lawyers, which they created to teach their target audience about this area of ​​digital marketing, and also to show that they are experts in this niche field.

As the company specializes in this area, the guide will help show search engines and potential customers that they know what they are talking about. This can then lead to better rankings, more clicks and ultimately more sales for the business.

Guest post for high quality websites in your field

There will always be websites that have a larger audience than yours. By writing guest posts for relevant websites in your niche, you can reach a wider audience and drive high quality traffic to your website.

Guest posting is all about creating content for other sites with the goal of promoting your business and potentially securing more backlinks for your website. It can increase your SEO and brand awareness. There are several ways to find guest posting opportunities.

One is to simply search Google for sites that accept guest posts. You can do this using a query like “write for us + [your niche]”. This should lead you to many websites that might be interested in accepting a post from you. For example, these are the results you would get if you searched for “write for us + health”.

You can also search for guest posts on social media, contact websites you already have a relationship with, or just get in touch with relevant sites that have blogs to see if they would be open to submissions.

Image: Google

Remember that before choosing a site to post guests to, you should use a domain authority checker like Loganix to determine the authority that a backlink will give you. A site’s Domain Authority (DA) is rated out of 100, and the higher it is, the more valuable its backlinks will be. For best results, you should prioritize writing for sites with AD over 50.

Post content that answers your audience’s common questions

Another way to drive high quality traffic to your website is to create content that answers the questions your target audience is asking.

There are a number of ways you can draw inspiration from this type of content: you can ask your customer service team if there are any common queries, you can do other keyword research, or search for relevant forums.

By creating content that answers your target audience’s FAQs, you can increase your SEO, build trust with your ideal customers, and get more clicks.

To inspire you, let’s take a look at some examples of content created by companies that answer their customers’ FAQs.

RMIT online is a university that offers online courses. And, on their website, they have an article that explains what types of qualifications does a project manager need.

Much of their classes focus on marketing and business, so this content is sure to answer one of the big questions many of their future students might have. Not only will this make it easier for the online university to reach people researching the subject, but it will also help students make the best possible career decision when trying to choose their path. It is sure to drive a lot of high quality traffic to the site and provide value to their audience which you should be aiming to achieve with your own content.

MultiBriefs also has its own example. One of their blog posts discusses how to increase sales with an improved ecommerce journey, a topic that a large portion of their target audience might have questions about.

This is going to be very relevant to their ideal readers, who are entrepreneurs and business owners looking to be successful. Additionally, it can show up on search engine results pages when someone searches for that specific topic. It will generate a lot of traffic to the website and build the trust of readers as it aims to solve a common problem among the website audience.


Your audience is there, but you have to make an effort to attract them to your website.

To do this, you need to focus on answering their common queries, creating high quality content, targeting the most relevant keywords, and making an effort to post articles on high authority websites. It won’t be long before you start to see results.

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