5 part-time business ideas for those who crave novelty


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There are industries that are transforming the world today, like 3D printing – which by 2021 will be worth more than $ 17,200 – and medical applications. Indeed, there will always be first-time consumers or Early adopters who will try new offers, without needing to have knowledge of the general public.


Dare to start with a very innovative solution and technological business model.

1. 3D printing

Consulting firm AT Kearney predicts that by 2020, this technology will have a market value of $ 17.2 billion, 25% more than in 2014. It prints 3D objects for clients of companies such as jewelry, medicine, architecture and design. According to the supplier 3d market The initial investment to start such a business can range from $ 39,130 ​​to $ 279,822, depending on the equipment and the amount of filament you purchase. Use sites like 3D centers and Make XYZ – which connect those looking for these services with 3D printers near their location – to promote your services.

2. Superfoods

supposedly superfoods help people get nutrients that their bodies don’t naturally produce. Some of them are: goji berries (red berries with 500 times more vitamin C per ounce than oranges), acai (tropical berries high in antioxidants), spirulina (seaweed with 70% protein), chia (the highest source of omega 3), hemp (contains omega 3 and 6 and antioxidants) and raw cocoa. Distribute these food options to organic markets, local bazaars, or health-conscious individual consumers. Increase your customer base by offering options for the children’s market.

3. Virtual cards

Digital business cards available when needed, neither out of stock nor lost. To do this, create a web platform through which your customers can enter their data, personalize the design with logo and photo, and share their cards by message, email or on social networks such as WhatsApp , Facebook , LinkedIn Where Skype . It offers packages with different characteristics (data storage capacity, level of personalization and advantages such as digital card holders) and payment terms (monthly or annual), as well as an option for companies. Activate an app so that your users can access and share their digital card from their smartphones .

4. Medical application

Thanks to technology, daily activities such as a medical consultation can be simplified, with the ability to provide remote care to answer questions or undergo treatment. Bring together on a digital platform a database of doctors and specialists available 24/7 so that patients can discuss with them, and offer them a commission according to the number of treatments and the quality of these. Although the app does not replace a professional medical consultation , it helps people make better decisions about their health and, if necessary, refers them to a specialist to confirm a diagnosis.

5. Staff Digital stylist

If it is easy for you to combine colors, patterns and clothes, take advantage of your fashion taste with an image consulting app. Thanks to it, your users will be able to ask you questions about their look in real time and be inspired by the global trends that you publish on the platform. Do you have friends who share your skills and good taste? Add them together to resolve doubts and advise those who are unsure of what to wear to social events, business, dates or for their daily life. Once you have an interesting community, reach out to clothing designers and brands so they can target specific audiences with their campaigns.

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