4 Egyptian startups win JICA’s NINJA business plan competition


JICA Team Awards Operations Manager of Rology Eng. Moaaz the Ninja Trophy

CAIRO – March 29, 2022: Four Egyptian startups have won the NINJA Business Plan Competition, launched by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), to specifically promote emerging businesses in response to the COVID 19 pandemic.

NINJA is the abbreviation of “Next Innovation with Japan”

JICA explained in a statement that in Egypt, four startups were selected after a competitive selection process among 44 startup applications from different sectors including health, education, fintech, training, and agribusiness. These four startups were ranked highest with high expectation levels.

JICA’s assistance mainly focuses on developing new businesses from one stage to the next. This includes support on various grounds, including product testing and validation, marketing, public relations activities, business model development, investor relations, etc., with support from experts in each area , according to the press release.

“JICA, the Japanese government development agency, aims to foster innovation by collaborating with local startups to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals in various countries, including – but not limited to – Egypt,” he noted.

The business plan competition brought together 19 African countries and 69 startups were selected to support pilot studies or Proof of Concept (POC) of new business models for a period of 6 months.

One of these startups is “Rology”, the Egyptian e-health startup.

The statement clarified that since radiology is one of only two ways to detect the coronavirus in patients, this has exacerbated the long delays in notification times for radiological examinations and made the problem of the shortage of radiologists more acute than never.

“In order to solve the shortage problem and help radiologists manage the substantial increase in radiological examinations, a teleradiology platform is essential to remotely match radiological examinations to radiologists and use AI models. to triage the workload of radiologists and assist in the detection of Coronavirus in radiology scans using an image-based AI model,” he explained Rology’s role.

He added that a startup Rology stepped in and started to ply its role in the healthcare industry. After receiving the NINA award from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Rology has started cooperation with JICA to pursue its ambitions of transforming coronavirus diagnosis with its new AI project.

Additionally, in order to continue their upward journey of supporting the medical sector with the on-demand teleradiology service that helps nearly 100 hospitals solve the problem of shortage of radiologists in the Middle East and Africa markets, by Providing smart matchmaking between remote patients and radiologists around the world in a fast and efficient manner, Rology has also changed the global perspective on coronavirus diagnostics with Project NINJA which will dramatically improve the speed and productivity of detecting coronaviruses. Covid-19 cases from chest CT scan.

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