4 best business software tools for 2019


Black entrepreneurship is on the rise, and 2018 was a banner year for black-owned businesses in particular. From 2007 to 2012, black-owned businesses in the United States grew 34% to 1.2 million; clearly demonstrating the trajectory of African-American entrepreneurship. Black women have overtaken all other groups as small business owners, with black women starting businesses at a rate of 164% since 2007. To keep that momentum going into the new year, here are four best business software tools for 2019:

1. Qmarkets – To stimulate the spirit of innovation

Innovation is an intangible concept, but infinitely vital. When left unmanaged and untargeted, it can quickly collapse. This is where Qmarkets comes in. Qmarkets is a tool that helps you keep things on track and find the right source for your needed solution, whether it comes from internal ideas, external partnerships or even citizen and community engagement. The Qmarkets platform takes businesses from ideas to implementation with an easy-to-use interface that helps them define project goals, gather ideas and evaluate them, implement the project and finally evaluate. and analyze the success of the project. With its step-by-step guidance, Qmarkets enables the development, execution and monitoring of collaborative ideas in a single turnkey ecosystem.

2. BuzzSumo – To understand the competition

Having a strategy is always vital, but understanding what is working in your industry is just as important. BuzzSumo lets you integrate the two. Like any industry, marketing has turned to data-driven processes, and BuzzSumo’s diverse content solutions allow marketers to uncover trends and influencers and plan content strategy accordingly. Evaluating the content you are already posting is essential. By using these different BuzzSumo tools in tandem, you can create a fresh and relevant marketing strategy. Big brands like BuzzFeed, Ogilvy and Expedia use BuzzSumo to stay ahead and keep their content and marketing strategies dynamic.

3. SiSense – To boost your BI

Business intelligence is a critical aspect of the new management paradigm as data-driven businesses are becoming the norm. However, knowing that you need to be data-driven is not the same as understanding how to manage and use the data at your disposal. Sisense lets you create dashboards that tell you exactly how your business is performing, from granular employee-level statistics to the broadest trends in the market.

Thanks to Sisense’s intuitive software, which could have required a doctorate. in data science can now be accomplished by a businessman without any background in mathematics or advanced statistics.

4. WalkMe – For quick pivoting

In a digital business world, new technologies and innovation are part of the circle of life and must be taken into account. WalkMe is a tool designed to facilitate important transitions for employees and customers. Best of all, the company’s unique algorithm knows exactly what advice to provide to each person, allowing users to learn in a way tailored to their individual strengths and weaknesses.

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