10 business ideas for retirement for those over 50


Some people dream of the day when they can wake up doing nothing. For them, retirement is about sleeping, lounging by the pool, and doing as little as possible for the rest of their lives. But for most people, a life without doing anything doesn’t seem so good.

And with 72% of retirees Concerned about running out of money in retirement, doing nothing is just not an option. After a few vacations, and after reassessing what retirement means to them, many people decide to nurture a business idea that they’ve had in mind for some time – or turn a new hobby into a lucrative one. Seriously, if you’re an entrepreneur, it’s hard (if not impossible) to turn this off.

Starting a business after the age of 50 doesn’t have to be a huge effort.

You don’t have to go crazy over your new business idea when you retire – just have something nice to pass the time with and give a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction.

You might even be surprised to know that business owners over the age of 50 are twice as likely to succeed than the 20 and 30 year olds who also enter the entrepreneurial phase.

Whether it’s wisdom, experience, common sense, or a mix of all three, starting a business in retirement can be a great way to do something you love while still earning an income to supplement your retirement. pension saving.

Here are 10 business ideas for retirees over 50:

1 – Become a life coach or mentor

As a forward thinking, business minded retirement age person, you have been there and done it. It puts you in a great position to help others rise through the ranks and give them the guidance they need to be successful.

Become a life coach or mentor can be done without any certification and only your experience as proof of your abilities. With so many people working to lay their own foundations, they need your help to discover the next step on their path to success.

2 – Become a Financial Advisor

As a financial advisor, you can use your knowledge to build financial plans depending on the client’s objectives and budget. There are a lot of people who are working overtime to position themselves as seasoned financial advisers.

But there is something over 50’s that they don’t: the experience of life. Sometimes counseling is a great way to give back.

3 – Start a blog or podcast

If you have a lot to say on a topic and enjoy writing or having a good conversation, you can easily share your knowledge on any number of topics through one blog or podcast. These carriers are easy to monetize and can create a fun, stable income during retirement that doesn’t tie you to a certain place.

4 – Start an independent business

You may not be ready to tip your hat to your career just yet, but you are ready to head into retirement. You could offer your talents to others as a freelance freelance, taking only jobs that interest you and serve your goals.

In order to keep your finances in order for tax purposes, it is important to use a high quality accounting service for freelancers who comes with crucial features such as invoice reminders and automatic payment reconciliation.

5 – start a marketing, accounting or administration business

If you have a business background with administration skills like bookkeeping, marketing, or accounting, you can start a business to help startups maximize their potential. And, you can do these activities remotely, which means you could spend your retirement traveling the world while generate additional income at a time.

6 – Invest in real estate

You don’t have to be a hardened tycoon for real estate investing to work to your advantage. Invest in real estate in an area that attracts tourism and start a bed and breakfast.

Perhaps you already have a property that you no longer plan to use and that you could rent out instead of selling. Or maybe you could rent your home on Airbnb or another similar website every time you’re on vacation.

7 – Buy a business

If you are not up to the task struggling to start a business fund costs and you can afford it, then maybe buying an existing business might be the retirement job for you. Often times, there can be an immediate earning potential when a business already has an existing customer base, and you don’t have to do all of the legwork to get started.

8 – Start an e-commerce store

There are so many ways to make money working online. If you have a profession or hobby that you would like to earn extra income from, then starting an eCommerce store may be the right path for you. You can use one of the many platforms available to individual sellers or even build your own website.

You also don’t need to be an experienced web developer to build a professional-looking online store. As web developer Gary Stevens of Canada Hosting notes, building a new website today is easier than ever thanks to website builder tools equipped with intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces for the user.

“A website builder interface is a WYSIWYG experience (what you see is what you get),” says Stevens. “This means that when you drag and drop things across the screen, you see a representation of your website. For the human brain, this visual aesthetic makes us feel happy and in control of our environment.

9 – House painting, home repairs and gardening

If you’re the DIY type, volunteering locally could be a great way to pseudo-retreat without breaking the bank. Not only that, but landscaping and gardening can be a good way to make your own hours and choose which clients you want to hire and which jobs you’d rather not be involved in.

10 – Become a Consultant

Another way to use your well-deserved wisdom is to become a consultant in your field. Young founders who may not have the knowledge and experience to start a business from scratch will turn to consultants for guidance.


There is no right or wrong way to retire. When the time has come To quit your career and enter retirement, there are many things you can do to fill your time in a fulfilling and relaxing way without even having to dip into your retirement savings.

There are plenty of opportunities for those over 50 to start a business and generate income while leaving plenty of room for travel, leisure and time with loved ones.

Remember: this list is not exhaustive. You can look online and find that your possibilities are endless when it comes to retirement income – then spend your time wisely and do what is meaningful to you.

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