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How to create a business website

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Making sure your business has a strong online presence is key to seeing growth. Many businesses choose to build a website to advertise their products, generate revenue, and expand their audience. If being a tech assistant isn’t your thing, then maybe the idea of ​​creating and coding your own digital space is probably a little daunting. Fortunately, you can count on the help of professionals to help you.

There are some crucial factors that you should take into account when building a business website because many of your potential customers will instantly do a quick Google search for your business. Mainly as a way to find out more about what you are offering and find ways to contact if they are interested

But before we dive into creating the best website for your business, here’s a refresher on basic website building terminology?

Website creation dictionary?

  • Conversion rate optimization or CRO: is a system to increase the percentage visitors to a website who convert in clients, or more generally, takes any desired action on a web page.
  • Optimization for search engines or SEO: means finding ways to increase the appearance of your site in the search results of web visitors.
  • E-commerce: Electronic commerce is the activity of buying or selling products electronically on online services or on the Internet
  • Content Management System (CMS): A content management system is a software application that can be used to manage the creation and modification of digital content.

Things to consider before building your business website

“It doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive to build a website,” says Stacey MacNaught, Founder of MacNaught digital a marketing agency. Below, she outlines some key steps to consider when planning for the first launch of her website.

  • What do you want the website to achieve?

If you are selling a product online, you will need an eCommerce website. If you want to generate leads and inquiries, it could be a simpler website with more emphasis on clear calls to fill out inquiry forms etc.

  • Which content management system (CMS) will you use

A good content management system means that you will be able to make adjustments and changes to your website content without the intervention of a web developer afterwards. Excellent and highly profitable platforms include Shop blocks for profitable e-commerce websites and WordPress for lead generation or brochure sites (you can also create eCommerce sites on WordPress). Demonstrate with several different systems so you can compare features and find the right one for you. You don’t need to have web development skills to run sites on platforms like these.

  • How are you going to generate traffic there??

You don’t have to have a website if no one is looking at it. Consider your broader marketing plan by exploring channels like PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, SEO, social media marketing, and more.

  • Who will manage the content

It is only possible to get the website live once you have the images and copy you need. How often will it need to change and who will change it ”Make planned websites quickly go out of date if content is allowed to go out of date.

Planning the creation of your website?

“There are a lot of individuals and businesses who can build a decent business website for you and a lot of others who will host it for you. But if you rush into things without foresight, your new business website may not work and the whole business could be a lot of money, time and effort wasted, ”explains Philip Bennison, CTO of Manchester-based digital agency Fabr.?

The most important thing to consider when building your website is “what do you want your website to achieve?” Everything else comes after that.

Below it lists the important questions to ask yourself before the big build.

Is this an e-commerce site

If it is about selling products to customers, focusing on a flexible sales pipeline, integrating with the ERP solution of your choice, and upselling are just a few of the things you need to take. into account.

Do you want to show your expertise in the industry??

Building a content library might be the way to go. With our content partners at RP of the fourth day, we create white papers, articles and editorials for our clients.

?Do you have a product or service that needs to be presented consistently to potential customers?

There are people who specialize in taking complex propositions and helping users explore and understand them.

?Do you just want to let people know how awesome you are?

Create a great brand, a flawless user experience, and give people a reason to come to your site with specials, promotions, and entertaining content. By listing the primary and secondary goals of your website, you will create a roadmap for building your website and you will find that achieving them becomes much easier.

Choosing Your Business Website Design

It might sound superficial, but having a well-designed website is a critical part of your business success. A Google study revealed that users will judge websites as beautiful or not within 1 / 50th to 1 / 20th of a second, and visually complex websites are consistently rated as less beautiful than their simpler counterparts. Contemporary is king these days, and researchers are naturally drawn to elegant and easily accessible sites.

Andreas Pouros from Digital green light shares its expertise …

“A well-designed website should focus on customer needs first and foremost. Using on-page surveys or exit surveys is a great way to get customers first-hand information about a company’s website performance and what is missing. It’s also a great way to find out what other content website visitors would be interested in and what else the website should provide.

Another way to better understand how the user experience of a website can be improved is through user testing. By asking users to share their experiences while browsing the site, developers can understand how the website is viewed by the average visitor, what their feelings are about it, and how to improve areas that provide less user experience. ‘ideal.

Last but not least, conversion rate optimization (CRO) should be a key priority from the start. By integrating performance with user experience, CRO allows web designers to track the effectiveness of certain features with different clients and provide a more personalized experience for visitors. Businesses with a diverse user base that offer products that are more relevant to some than others should focus on layering their site and delivering tailored digital experiences. This allows businesses to maximize ROI and generate more sales and leads from already existing traffic to their website, rather than just investing in driving traffic to the website in general ”.

Make your website user-friendly

By 2021, approximately 93% of UK Internet users are supposed to do online shopping, e-commerce is a thriving industry that shouldn’t end anytime soon. Making your website ‘sales friendly’ is crucial. And even if your service isn’t something you can physically purchase, having easy access to your contact details should remain a top priority.

Rachel Bedgood, MD of SCS reveals the best practices to make your web space a commercial success

“You should want as many inquiries or sales as possible on your website, and one of the best ways to do this is to make it very easy for your visitors to contact you. There is a known rule when building a business website called the “three click rule” which suggests that a user should be able to find everything they need in just three clicks.

That’s why, when creating the CBS website almost fifteen years ago, I wanted to have a really obvious contact page, and I think that’s the best way to go about it. A surprising number of people don’t like to talk and get in touch by phone, so having both the email address and the number helps answer most inquiries as people can go with their preferred contact choice. .

On top of that, we’ve also made the phone number and email address appear at the top of every page so that they look our user in the face. This makes finding contact even easier.

Prioritize SEO

Search engine optimization is the buzzword in the tech world lately. And it is an element that is probably no longer a if but instead a must, when building your business website.

Commercial director Distinctly, Liz Walker has this to say about the benefits of the tool.

“When building a business website, SEO is key because being easily searchable by new and existing customers is your ticket to connecting with your market.

The reason is that in order for Google to rate a site and rank it in search rankings, the site must adhere to a specific set of technical grade guidelines. It should be noted that these guidelines – although based on a consistent set of principles – are constantly evolving, so what was crucial at one point may now be less.

The technical side of SEO covers a multitude of elements; which include crucial usability-focused aspects, such as ensuring that a site is easily visible on mobile, to ensure that the site is tagged as “secure https.”

Agencies such as ours are often called upon to provide advice on matters such as the ones above, because if you violate these non-negotiable rules, Google will take notice and your site will be penalized.

In turn, this means that when your site tries to rank for various key phrases, it will show lower in the search rankings. This reduces the likelihood that a searcher will find your website because they are more likely to go with the first relevant alternative they see, resulting in less traffic online and fewer leads.

Reduce the cost of your business website

If you are a very small business that may be struggling with costs and cannot afford to invest in a full time web designer. Using web development platforms such like WIX can help simplify and streamline the process.

As it is an easy way to access all aspects of website building in an easy way. And for many, it’s a stepping stone to reaching their growing audience.

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